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Gelaine and Ian


It’s one of the hottest date this year, 11th Nov 2007. At Gelaine and Ian’s wedding, the atmosphere was relaxed, no fuss, no rush. Something different from the usual fast and furious weddings that are packed with events. Gave me time to sit back and think a little more. There I found out that Ian’s sister is Sam’s faculty mate. Small world ain’t it. As usual, here’s the slideshow:)



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Sit ups?


Excerpt from Todayonline. 13th Nov 2007


It looks like a laid back sport, until the lower back gives out

Not long after an underwhelming showing by the British contingent at the
Wimbledon tennis championships in July, the British Journal of Sports
Medicine published the results of a study that suggested to beleaguered
English tennis fans that things are only going to get worse.

In the study, researchers from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
scanned the spines of 33 elite adolescent tennis players. None of them had
reported back pain. But their backs, it turned out, were a mess – they had
backs 60 years older than they were.

But as many of us know from debilitating first-hand experience, back
problems don’t afflict just teenage tennis players. According to various
studies, at least a third of all competitive football players will hurt
their lower backs during play, as will a third of gymnasts and 25 per cent
of serious rowers. About 40 per cent of divers will develop a spinal
stress fracture, and many cyclists will experience constant, grinding back
pain while riding. The harshest sport, however, seems to be golf.

Ninety per cent of injuries to professional golfers involve the lower back
and the neck, and almost 80 per cent of professionals will miss at least
one tournament because of back pain.

If you’re a runner, do a backbend of thanksgiving: Runners statistically
have a lower risk than most athletes of developing back problems. But for
everyone else, the news is … painful.

Many lower back problems are caused by the very athleticism that modern
sports demand. Consider the forces applied to the lower back during
certain activities: The torque created by a proper golf swing can produce
almost 770kg of pressure on the lower spine. Rowers can put about 590kg of
pressure on their backs at the catch of their stroke. And the “peak
compressive load” created by a football lineman slamming into his opponent
can be close to 900kg.

Having a strong back, you will be happy to hear, means not doing sit-ups.
Ever.  “Sit-ups are not healthy for the back,” said Mr Michael Higgins,
the director of athletic-training education at Towson University in
Maryland and the author of several academic articles about back injuries
in athletes.”They can severely compress the lumbar spine.”

Abdominal crunches, on the other hand, in which you raise your head and
trunk slightly from the ground without pulling yourself upright, improve
back health significantly. “Crunches build core endurance and strength
without stressing the spine,” he added.

If your back aches for more than a few weeks, or if the pain is acute or
radiating, visit a doctor. “Most back injuries will clear up on their own
within six to eight weeks, if you rest adequately,” Mr Vijay Vad, a sports
medicine specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City
said. “Surgery is very rarely necessary, maybe in 3 to 5 per cent of
cases.” – nyT

Is SAF ever going to listen to the experts? Although it’s my pet event, but I wouldn’t mind doing one less.


The color of flowers


I just like the way the colors all come in together for this picture. Speaking of flowers, I really like the ones I see at Blooms Boutique (damn, they are pretty). Too bad they are based in NY. Come to Singapore lah!:P



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Shea Lee and Isaac


From last week’s event. Shea Lee and Isaac gave some of the vendors a shock with some last minute arrangements, but everything worked out fine and we had a good laugh over that. One of them was that a Buddhist ceremony was included a day before. I was really excited to see what it was like. The highlight I’d say is the “放生” ceremony where birds were freed on the rooftop. Pretty cool to see birds darting out of the cages right in front of you, I was just praying they don’t come crashing right into my lens.


The dinner event was pretty happening as well, didn’t see that part of Isaac till alcohol was served. Standing on top of the chair, he claimed, “我是酒王!!”. To many, that’s suicidal, but man… he’s one of the few grooms I’ve seen left standing by the end of the night after so many drinks, just a little shaky. Considering the amount of alcohol he consumed, that’s pretty understandable. While speaking to Isaac and Shea Lee some weeks back, I found that they had a special affinity with Germany, like me, Isaac was posted there for some period of time. I bet he must’ve built up his reputation as “酒王” in Germany (but no no, I can’t drink), the land of erm… booze (and fast cars).


Congrats guys and here’s the slideshow to share.



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sick like a dog…


I’m sorry if I’ve been slow with my replies and requests. Down with fever. Haven’t felt this terrible for a long time :( I hope I’ll recover in time tomorrow…




Was just reading the news on Today online and found this article rather interesting.


Excerpts from Today Online (5th Nov 2007)


BEIJING – The Beijing Olympics is more than just a point of pride for
China – it’s such an important part of the national consciousness that
nearly 3,500 children have been named for the event, a newspaper reported

Most of the 3,491 people with the name “Aoyun”, meaning Olympics, were
born around the year 2000, as Beijing was bidding to host the 2008 Summer
Games, said the Beijing Daily, citing information from China’s national
identity card database.

Names related to the Olympics don’t just stop with “Olympics”. More than
4,000 Chinese share their names with the Beijing Games mascots – the “Five

The names are Bei Bei (880 people), Jing Jing (1,240), Huan Huan (1,063),
Ying Ying (624) and Ni Ni (642). When put together, it translates to
“Beijing welcomes you”.

Chinese have increasingly turned to unique names as a way to express a
child’s individuality.

In a country with a population of 1.3 billion, 87 per cent share the same
129 family names.

That’s why 5,598 people have the same name as basketball player Yao Ming
and 18,462 share a moniker with star hurdler Liu Xiang, according to the
Beijing Daily report.

Parents have turned to unusual combinations of letters, numbers and
symbols when choosing their child’s name, Mr Li Yuming, deputy director of
the National Language Commission, had told the Xinhua news agency. – AP


“Ni Ni” sounds crude man. Reminds about one of the youtube videos that I saw a while ago.





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What’s good, what’s bad, what can be improved?


Just hours after rolling out the new website, I got some friends to look at it and got some comments. One of the things that bugged me was that the images may be a little too big for some of you who may be using smaller monitors or on laptops (yeah… isn’t it nice to view wedding sites at work?:P). I may be doing some tweaking in the next few days to make site navigation a little easier.


Any comments or feedback will be very much appreciate. Thank you!:) You can drop me an email as well.


updates: Ran some checks after receiving feedback and realized the site isn’t optimized as I overlooked the issues on screen resolution as well as the image sizes. Spent the entire night, flushing caches, resizing and thinking how to put up a new design asap (while the world sleeps). Finally got it fixed this morning and now it’s good to go:) Also reduced the number of clicks to get to the images. *sweats*


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New website


Was deciding if I should say it’s new or updated:)


It’s been a long one year since I touched anything on the website. After few weeks of trials, I finally settled to use the flash slideshow for the site. It’s so much easier to maintain and update. The new site is not quite complete yet, but rest assured it will be done in a couple of day’s time. For now, it’s pretty functional, with alot more new photos.


Next up, the pre-wedding photos and I’ll include an “updated” section. But since the website is new, this section will probably be empty for a while. As for the missing “about” section, I thought it looks kinda cheesey, so I took it out. I’ll probably continue writing about my journey to where I am now in my blog instead.


For now… the new website is officially launched!:)


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