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A sunny day with Ruey and Pris

Some random selections from the day.

Something went terribly wrong with the camera’s metering, but I love the result:D

worth the sweat

Almost dehydrated, but it’s all worth it. If only it were 23degC.

Lighting up the bride

With a little bit of help from some friends above.

Bride and dad

Something from earlier this afternoon. 2 more hours and I’ll back in action again. Exciting!

The greatest traffic control…

…or money sucking machine ever invented (till the next big thing comes around). It actually looks pretty good from the top, just like it’s implementation.

The Singapore skyline from Marina Bay Sands

Took a trip up to the Skypark of Marina Bay Sands. The views are quite spectacular up there. Too bad they closed the pool area to public.

feldberyl loves dogs

Since I don’t get to keep my own (for now). I’ll play with someone else’s:D


Julius and his cousin on the swing. I don’t think I would  even go on the swing when it’s going that high. And Julius learned a new chinese word there… “快点”!! When we were his age, we played on the same swing. Those days, things were built to last.