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Personal work (beta preview)

This is another part of my photography life besides weddings. There’s still alot of work to be done here. I think some images need a little more work. Anyway, here’s something for you guys:D Click the image to go to the gallery. There are two galleries for now (you can choose them from the drop down list).

a photo of mum

I just want to share a little bit on what I learned over the past few years after I made photography part of  my never ending list of hobbies.

In 2004, I visited Sydney with my mum. I brought my DSLR along and took some images along the way. I kinda like what the power of a camera gives me. It allows me to draw a picture just with a click of a button. No pencils, no crayons, no pastels and no mess. Having it in digital is even better. Everything can be done in the comfort of an air conditioned room and a comfy chair. During the trip, I took some images of my mum while we went traveling. This is one image that I love (even though her eyes was closed).

I came back alone while mum stayed with my sister for another month. Back in Singapore, I quickly ran through the images I took in Sydney and started edited them. I’d always put the portraits last, since to me, it was the least important (at least during that time). Days later, I started to work on some of the portraitures. Going through the images of my mum nearly made me tear. It was only during the editing process, that I realized how much she has aged. It has never occured to me that age is catching up with her. Perhaps seeing her everyday just made me took things for granted. But at that very point, I felt really bad. Guilty. Not because of how much she has aged, but my failure to notice.

I could go on and on on this topic. But I’d just say, looking back at the images, I really enjoyed that holiday. I hope I can go on another one with her again.

It’s never too late to start appreciating the people around you. Yes, they can be annoying at times. If it helps, dig out some photos of the happier days.


One man’s meat is another man’s poison. In this part of the world that I live in, there is almost zero chance of us having a foggy day (note: foggy != hazy). When I was in Germany in 2005, I was totally mesmerized by the fog that blanketed the entire town one morning. To me, it was surreal and beautiful. But when I reach the office, I heard more people complaining about the fog than being fascinated by it. Same goes for snow.

That was my last day in Germany. When I woke up and saw the fog, I skipped breakfast and rushed towards the old town. Managed to enjoy that beautiful scene and took some images before heading for office, 30 mins late.

spinnin’ and splashin’

My board is in hospital for a week. So the closest I’m getting near the water is going through the image archives. So happening right? Let’s see what I found.

Suter spinning, FS, BS… whatever…

Creating some misty effect in the morning.

Elvin and Renee

One of those very rare couples that I signed up without even meeting them. Both Elvin and Renee were working overseas and I only got to meet both of them 3 days before the wedding. I was really glad we got along really well. And they actually took up dancing classes for the wedding. I was impressed and envious (because they told me their Russian instructress was HOT!!!!). All in all, a great wedding and one that I got one of my favourite picture of 2008.

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Poster’s block (and a little poll)

Your computer’s fine, your internet’s working. I really didn’t post anything for the past 1 week:D

It’s not that I don’t know what to write or what pictures to put in. It’s just one of those days that every time you turn on the computer, you don’t know what to write. But once you step out of it… you’ll be thinking, I want to share this this that that and those.

One of the things that I want to share came from a conversation with my parents. We were talking about kids (not mine! although some people have been asking me, when’s my turn. I say 不要害我), family traditions and stuff. They said, USUALLY, the maternal grandparents will be closer to the grandchildren (do I make sense here?). I thought, “wow, that’s something that I didn’t know (although I did notice)”. My mum said it’s because it’s the child of her daughter. So it’s natural for her to show more affection (I think it’s a woman’s thing… coupled with some in-laws politics). And this followed with alot of traditional chinese way of running the family. It was something really new for me. I thought it’s in fact, damn good education. *Enlightened*

So here’s a poll. Let me what you think ok? And guys, don’t worry, it’s annonymous, your grandparents won’t find out:P

Do you think the maternal grandparents show more affection to their grandchildren? (either your own or you've seen it)

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Sports training

 Very often, I’ll bring my camera along when I go wakeboarding. I love to photograph the riders in action, not just because I think the actions look really good. But it gives me the opportunity to practise my photography. Outside of weddings, I hardly even do any photography anymore unless I travel (I’m trying to work on this…) or ocassionally photographing the dogs. Over the few times that I took these guys in action, I found that it is actually quite similar to weddings in a way. Lighting, timing (this is so important), anticipation and composition. I think it’s pretty good training. And it makes me feel better that at least I did something good out there, since I suck at wakeboarding:D

Someday, I’m going to take it a step further to go on the tube. Someday…:D

Suter  up on a Raley

Epa doing a shifty

Andy going for a Indy shifty


i am the creature of the night… not!

When I was younger, my parents always scold me when I stay up late. They claim that I look yellow (I am chinese… duh) if I stay up late all the time. Read the papers yesterday and saw some interesting findings. Found the same report on the web and thought I’d share it with you guys, you can read them here (Graveyard shift linked to cancer).

Personally, I think sleeping late is never good. Cancer or not, leave it to the experts. I think, if it’s possible, try to sleep early. And… based on this report… I think vampires must’ve died of cancer:D