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Steven and Clara

In general, weddings tend to reflect the couple’s personality. If you are the funny sort, chances are your friends will be. If you like to dance, chances are, your friends will too. If you like to talk cock, chances are, your friends like to listen to it (just look at my friends:P). That’s assuming you are inviting those friends to your wedding. Steven and Clara belong to the funny end of the spectrum… and they had a lot friends present at their wedding. Here are some images from their wedding. Also featured in the current issue of Tatler Weddings Singapore.

A person’s living space says alot about them and their childhood. I laughed when I walked into the room. I used to have alot of stickers on my desk too:x

They laughed really hard when someone (not me!) said, “can hug?”

Double happiness sometimes have different meanings. I had a go at it… without the forfeit.

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Joe and Aili

Joe and Aili’s wedding is featured in the current issue of Tatler Weddings Singapore. It was held at the Ritz Carlton and beautifully done up by the talented ladies at Heaven’s Gift. Here are some images from the wedding.

A short portrait session in the morning at the Ritz, followed by a short outdoor trip to the Marina Barrage.

…and back to the Ritz again.

Joe was extremely pleased when TG Goh (the make up artist) reminded him that he should take the portraits with his Kippah on.

L: The “one tonne” bouquet, ok, not one tonne, but still looks big and pretty. R: The ceremonial glasses.

The Jewish ceremony. With really strict restrictions from the Rabbi, most of the crew were relegated to the sidelines. I found a big pot of flowers (thanks to Heaven’s Gift) to hide my “not too big” frame.

Fine embroidery. Joe had to explain to me what makes a good shirt like that. The patterns of the pockets must match the shirt seamlessly.

The Wedding bands.

The set up by Heaven’s Gift.

They had lion dance performance. These kids were strutting their stuff during the rehearsals.

A moment of darkness during the rehearsals before the spotlights came on.

Guess who. It’s Ami from The Wedding Paparazzi. They are cousins:D

This is what do we do with leftover confetti. The nice people from Ritz not only did not stop us from erm… messing up the place, but even helped up us popped them! Thanks guys!:D

feldberyl images on Tatler Weddings Singapore

Last week, KC told me I had two weddings featured on Tatler Weddings Singapore. Then I remembered, yeah, I was told that they will be featured some weeks back. So I made a slight detour before heading home to get myself a copy. Love it. And then I realized I had 2.5 featured. One of the weddings was covered by me, but wasn’t credited:s Oh well… sometimes it happens. It’s ok, here are the pictures! It’s been a wonderful week for us at feldberyl images😀 Thank you Tatler! And as with all thank you speeches… I’ll end off with “get your copy now!!”:D

The Wedding of Joe and Aili.

The Wedding of Steven and Clara.

The Wedding of Markham and Tiara. They had a total of 3 wedding celebrations. I covered the holy matrimony (only right page).

A picture from Steven and Clara’s wedding. Love the toes:)

Symms nice II

Lines, curves and people


Look what we found

Just another post

Quite excited about this evening’s shoot. Hope it’ll be smoooooooooooth.

The gown must be heavy

The crane came into my frame… and I continued snapping.