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I’m at City Hall…


…and i just want to say Hello world!:)

It’s nice to see the “seem so busy” people in business suits walking by. I think I need a new laptop, just so I can start doing my editing outdoors (and stop being cooped up in my little white box). My current Sony VAIO is domesticated, with ultra short battery life. If only someone invented VIAGRA for laptops… woohoo!!:) *suffering from overdose of VIAGRA… spam ads…*


silentspaces v.01


Since last year, I’ve been wanting to put up my travel photos on my website, but have been putting it off time and again due to work commitments. For the past few nights, I’ve been struggling to eat and sleep, therefore, I decided to put some time to work on it. Finally got it fixed in the wee hours this morning. Here’s a trial… will be doing abit of tweaking in the next few days (once I cleared my wedding work). Then I’ll start to work on the rest of the images as well.

 Do have a look and let me know if it works on your side of the world. I know it may be abit slow for non-sg users, because the site is afterall, hosted in Singapore.


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Where’s your veil?


Like what I always say, there are 1001 things that can go wrong during a wedding, so, no point worrying over them:) Jasmine was getting ready to march down the aisle with her dad. When I saw them, I went over to take some shots. And noticing that she doesn’t have a veil on, I asked, “Are you walking in like that?” She went, “oh no!…”. Well, it was quite funny, we all panicked abit! But hey, you see, she will remember this moment (so do I), for life:) Not all foul ups are bad, similarly, having a perfect wedding, can be boring. 




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Kids and chocolate…


Simply too irresistible.



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Let there be tomorrow.


Met David and Vanessa earlier today to deliver their photos. It was great seeing them again:) Van is the bride who commented about my wrinkles. This time round, David commented on how much weight I lost. Then it occured to me that I haven’t been eating well. Losing appetite plus really bad meal discipline contributed to the horrible weight loss. I remembered looking in the mirror and asking, is it because of the beard or the sunken cheekbones? Trousers are looser now. It’s not a good thing. I hope to snap out of this tomorrow. Yes, I said, tomorrow. 


What do you do?


Two incidences, two different responses.


While at the traffic lights yesterday, I heard some sounds of screeching tyres and saw two cars collided right in front of me. It’s probably like 3-5 meters away. A fast oncoming car got banged by a turning car and the car skidded a little and landed just beside me. I saw both drivers safe, I shook my head (gave a silent verdict) and drove off. I know I was having a helluva crap day. But when I looked at the rear mirror, I wondered, why didn’t I stop to help, a little guilt crept onto me.


At Borders today, I was walking past the stationery section, and a stack of notebooks dropped right in front of me. No, I didn’t touch them at all. I picked them up and stacked them neatly onto the shelf again. I felt a little happy about doing that.


While walking away, I thought of the incident that happened yesterday. And I found a new ability, I can choose. Little events in life that taught me something.


German weather


Was planning to go for a run, but it started raining… then I found myself watching the start of F1 Nurburgring (Germany). I haven’t watched many F1 races before, but this one is definitely something memorable (for all the wrong reasons). Car crashes and rain… hail, all within the first 5 mins.


At one point in time, about 5 cars got skidded into the same place, one by one caused by aquaplaning. Commentor said that must be the most expensive carpark in the world:P And now, a restart behind the safty card, with rookie Winkelhock in pole position. Raikkonen from pole position to 7th, just because he missed the pit stop (!!!) to change to wet weather tyres. So, it’s not just Singaporeans that can’t drive in wet weather (I always think so!), the pros can’t do it either:P


I’m just wondering, with Singapore’s weather as unpredictable as Germany’s (that’s what my German ex-colleague told me), what will happen when F1 finally comes next Sept. Especially it’s a night race. Scary.


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I have to miss the launch as I had a shoot early this morning. What is this about? Read about them here


Go support them for a good cause! :) Damn, how I wish I could go onboard to… erm, take photos.


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