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Sydney part II

Another set of images on the Sydney trip.

Left: Approaching Sydney’s international airport. The land below is the Royal National Park, which we drove through a few days later. We didn’t have time to stop by, but the drive itself was mesmerizing.
Right: On the beach at Port Stephens. On the right hand side of the beach is the sand dune, which stretches a few kilometers.

Left: Wentworth Falls. Taken on the way down to the falls. Definitely not for someone with weak knees. The steps are tight and steep.
Right: Dog’s pawprints on the beach.

I see Anteater.

The Opera House.

From Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

Strategically chosen seats to catch the sunset on the way home. Oh… and I got all 3 seats for myself. Although I think the A380s are not the best for plane photography because of the huge distance between the double glazed windows.

In Sydney

We do what all tourists do. Visit the Opera House, get a picture of the Harbour Bridge, drink some wine, walk to bushes and get burnt at the beach:) This time, it’s no different, since I’m bringing my dad around. Not quite a photography trip, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The quality of light in Australia is just amazing. There are times I would just watch and wonder, in my country where everything is imported, including people, why can’t we just import some light from the land of plenty. Oh well, if we could, I’ll like to import the weather too (just the good parts) and make them permanent residents:)

Anyway, here are some of the images I took during the trip.

The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge… and the moon at 10am in the morning! It was the last day of my trip and I had an afternoon flight to catch, so I decided I should just hang aound the city before taking a train to the airport. And that was the first day that I stepped into the city in the whole 10 days. Been mostly traveling out of the city this trip. I was told that the sun and moon usually meet in the morning for a chat here in Sydney.

Left: wind swept footprints on the sand dunes at Port Stephens. Pretty amazing stretch of sand dunes right beside the beach. Reminds me of Frasers Island in Queensland.
Right: The Three Sisters of the Blue Mountains from Echo point lookout. If this was in Singapore, it’ll probably be called 福禄寿.

Partner or no partner.

No partner? Nehmind… the four legged one makes a good substitute:)

Pelicans at The Entrance. The lamposts used to be straighter.

The Wentworth Falls

This is my 2nd trip down to the falls. Still one of my favourite waterfalls around. Although it doesn’t have the most volume of water, but there’s something magical about the water trickling down the rocks, like a golden drizzle. The lush greenery and amazing undercliff walk around it makes the trip a really memorable one. Definitely coming back again.

Ayers rock of the sea

Initially, I thought I could make a trip down to Alice springs and then visit Ayers Rock, but I kinda left the planning too late with mismatched schedules along the way. Well, on my dolphin watch cruise at Port Stephens, I saw this little island in the clear horizon which reminded me of the Aboriginal rock. I bet it’ll stand out even more in the evening light.

Empress Falls

So, I’m back from reservist and also a holiday trip to Sydney where I spent time with my family. It was a good trip away from home and somehow it manages to slow things down in the system and that’s not a bad thing. I got bored of editing for today and went back to the images I took during the trip. Here’s just one of the many I took at The Blue Mountains. I can seriously walk there every trip… beautiful beyond what pictures can show.

Here’s my attempt on the 1st tier of the Empress Falls along the National Pass of Blue Mountains.