Beautiful things in life

It’s been a pretty busy 2014 so far. Besides my living my ‘secret life of a wedding photographer’ (which just mean getting stuck in front of the computer), I did some changes to the way I work (behind the computer). Trying to cut down on bulky computers and making my workstation a little more mobile now. I love the idea that I can work anywhere in the house and not just getting stuck in my office desk. Looking forward to the change after CNY.

I found this video on facebook and thought I would share it here. Not Man vs Wild, but Man + Wild. Beautiful isn’t it? I always found instances of man being able to connect with the wild amazing. You don’t have to share a common language to connect.

Image Makers

Very often, we look overseas for inspiration, but I think it’s time to look within our little island to see the people who have been working quietly to bring the best in image making. Support local photographers. We do have a very talented pool of local photographers willing to share their knowledge. Check them out at Image Makers and make a contribution if you can:)


…and frozen in time. i’m like in a super singland mood today. and i’m listening to this for inspiration….

Client vendor relationships

Sorry for the lack of post or late email replies. Been down with fever for the past four days and stuck in bed. Ok, I’m still H1N1 free!

The first time I saw it, I thought it was really funny. Stumbled on it again and decide, maybe maybe, I should share this. Maybe I should try this at ION’s LV shop. And no, don’t try this when you meet me. The dogs are trained to attack on signs of bargaining:P *lol*

kickass video

I love this clip so much I’m sharing it here. Happy Weekend!:D

j in motion

Finally managed to compile the video of Julius. Everyone at home misses him. I just love to hear him talk/blabber. Such a funny dude.

unexpected twist

I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ said, “every cloud has a silver lining”. Apparently he hasn’t seen a storm cloud before, I thought. I lost my ATM card just before the Bali trip and I was still angry with how the bank handled the issue. But there’s not much point sulking. Today I was at a CD shop and saw BoA’s latest CD and decide to buy it (since I can’t find Wonder Girls). While I was making payment, I realized I was short of the minimum amount needed to pay by credit card (since my ATM card is not activated yet). So I decided to find another CD to make up the numbers.

This is what I found. Utada Hikaru’s latest offering. I have been a big fan of hers since the day I saw her “Wait and See” MV in the cinemas. Her voice has so much soul in it. I don’t even need to understand what she was singing (in japanese). Favourites include Final Distance, Can you keep a secret, Wait and See, First Love. Now this is my current favourite:D

soccer baby

Had a great wedding over the weekend and it’s off day today (as if I need permission:P). Spent the entire afternoon with Julius (my nephew). He is so so adorable!:D Here’s a short clip of him at 19 months old.