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Opera Abstract


Stuck without a tripod in Sydney while waiting for my sis and bro-in-law, I did a little experimentation with reverse “painting with light”. It was fun, so fun I wished they weren’t so punctual.









down under




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In memory


Today, I received a call from Monica, who told me of a Freddy’s death. I was shocked, and I asked to confirm, “which Freddy?”


To those in the industry, most will remember Freddy as a jovial giant, one one bloody fun make up artist to work with. While I only worked with him on a couple of occasions and met him on some gatherings, I can still remember them vividly. During one of the weddings last year, I fell a little ill, with an almost unstoppable running nose. While the bride went to change, we had a casual conversation,


F: What’s wrong with you?

Me: Having super bad running nose…

F: Your gf didn’t cover you with the blanket isit?

*took out some medication and gave me two*

F: Take one now, should make everything stop… take the 2nd one at your own risk.

Me: *impressed* You are very well prepared hor? Mobile pharmacy ah?

F: *laughs*


The medication dried up everything and I had a wonderful time shooting the wedding, thanks to his life saver. I hope you have gone to at a better place now. Rest in peace.


At the other end of the phone, came the reply “Yes, Freddy, the make up artist.”


So happy together:)


I shot Cindy and Dennis(‘s) wedding last year during election day. It was a really memorable day. I still remember having to shoot the wedding, rush back to my old constituency to vote and then back home to edit some photos for the wedding highlights for the dinner, all in 3 hours. It’s almost like the amazing race.


448 days later, we did another shoot together again, this time, no elections, no tea ceremonies, no rush, just a great time out together. The couple invited me over their place while they made some fantastic cupcakes (which I got a couple of them back for breakfast). Then we lazed around till the weather cooled down a little before we headed for some outdoor locations. The shoot was fun, no fuss, no big gowns. No photo shoot is complete without a good meal (same applies to Wedding days), so we headed for Sunset Grill at Seletar camp for some super duper spicy buffalo wings.


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takes a little while to get into the mood, but it’s all worth it… :)



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I want an ‘Ai Fung’


*paging for moonberry, mayday mayday… i repeat mayday mayday… please answer the call…*:P



A Wedding


Just a couple of days back, I attended a wedding, yes, as a guest. Can’t remember when was the last time I attended one. The feeling seem so strange. The moment I walked into the hotel, I knew I lost it… everything seemed to be on autopilot mode:P


1) I asked for parking tickets at the reception

2) I asked, “what’s the room number? where’s the bride?”

3) I asked to go to the bridal suite… yes I did.

4) I took a drink and stood near to the couple, waiting for the next piece of action.

5) I forgot about the ang pows (well, eventually I remembered:P)

6) I walked into the ballroom, checking the setup and complained that the lighting’s too dark!

7) I almost went to the photographer and told him “during the march in, I’ll take the left, you take the right…” (and the only camera with me was my mobile phone)

8) I attempted to follow the couple up for change of evening gown.

9) After the 2nd dish, I stopped eating.

10) I stayed till the last guest left…


Anyway, during the wedding dinner, I found this waiter who’s serving our table really funny. It all started when my friend asked for a glass of red wine.


friend: Can I have a glass of wine?

waiter: yes, would you like red or white?

friend: red please.

me: you have white wine? I’d like a glass please.

*left the table and came back with a glass of red wine*

waiter: I’m sorry sir, we only have red wine.

me: *bewildered* ok, it’s alrite. (then why the hell did he ask if we wanted red or white?)

Anyway, that’s not all. Gradually, the table was filled with other guests. So they decided to ask for a round of drinks as well… the same waiter came…

guest: Can we have 5 beers and 5 wines?

waiter: would you like red or white wine?

guest: red thank you.

*waiter left…*

So we shared what happened earlier and everyone had a good laugh, so we decided to test him again. When he came back with the drinks…

guest: *pointing at me* Can you get him a glass of white wine?

waiter: Sorry, we don’t serve white wine…


I was thinking… what the hell, you don’t like me is it?!?



A good Sunday


This morning started rather uneventfully, with the lightning from the thunderstorm screwing up the cable points of the house, leaving me disconnected with the (cyber)world. Luckily Starhub fixed it before I got home, else the night will be so unbearable.


Met up with some clients before heading down to Bedok Reservoir for the HSBC Wakeboard Championships. Instead of meeting clients, Dennis and Anne at Coffeebeans, we decided to do it under the hot sun at Bedok Reservoir. Quite an interesting way to meet clients I thought. Imagine world class wakeboarders doing their stuff while you ask “where are you getting your gowns from?” I must say, you guys rock:) And I hope you got some nice photos of the wakeboard action and… erm birds:P


As the action was going on, I saw Theng Wei and Suping appearing just a couple of meters away from me!!! Earlier on, I was still wondering if they will be there. Singapore is not too big I know, but still, it’s not everyday that you meet your previous wedding couples. And I just found out Theng Wei gets weekdays off now… he he he… time to hit the swamps!!:P woohoo!!:)


Later in the evening, I caught up with my cousin who brought me some green tea from Japan. Sweet:) Just realized I haven’t seen her for 2 years already? Overall, it was a great day away from KMM (Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor).


As for the wakeboard event, I have to say, the ratio between photographers (with HUGE cameras) to wakeboarders must be like 2:1. I know there’s a photography competition, but where did these guys come from?! It’s too freaking amazing… For a moment, I thought the photography competition was the main event.



Sydney Tales


Here’s a little compilation of the images that were taken during the Sydney trip:)


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