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Back to the City


2nd day in Sydney, and waking up the usual time (about 930am + 2 hours time difference = 1130am), I knew the merger has to happen, lunch bought over breakfast. Headed for City right after that, knowing that I probably won’t have plenty of time left before it gets dark.


Sydney hasn’t changed much from 3 years back. The harbour bridge is still there, so is the opera house and the millions of tourists armed with cameras, just like me (I thought I’d look strange with my huge camera… but realized everyone else is holding a HUGE camera!!). After walking for almost 2 hours, I still couldn’t find a good spot to get both the harbour bridge and opera house in the same frame while looking reasonably proportionate in size. I know Mrs Macquarie’s chair, but the view didn’t excite me 3 years ago, and I’m sure it won’t this time round.


After looking around The Rock for a while, I decided to go back to the bridge area, hoping to get inspired, in fact, was desperate for pictures already, even dropped by Ken Duncan’s gallery to get some tips. Finally settled on a spot near a restaurant called Water Edge. It has everything I want but also everything strategically placed to block a photographer’s view. After the sun went down, things took a turn as the lighting condition changed and the original boring looking scene now looks photo worthy:) 130secs (just enough time to send an sms) later, I got this shot:)



On the way back, determined not to have Macdonald’s 2 days in a row, I tried Sushi at Town Hall train station. That must be the WORST sushi I’ve ever had. Imagine Lontong with prawns and salmon… After that, I found Krispy Kremes… the most expensive donuts I’ve ever had, AUD$5 for 2. But it’s worth every cent:) At least I didn’t end the day with some crappy meal.


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Sydney day #1


First day was great! Because I slept from 10am to 3pm… waking up to find that… the light here makes everything beautiful. Weather was great at about 20degC. I took extremely late lunch, ok I promise, I won’t do that again. Instead of my original plan to go to the city, I decided to take a walk at the park with my sis. It was nice and relaxing, no rush, no hurry while we waited for my bro-in-law’s call to bring us out for dinner.


We ended up at Bondi beach area to try out the “world renowned” (I’m took this from the menu) pork ribs from Hurricane. As the name suggested, it really blew us away. So tasty that I finished a full slab on my own… it’s about the size of 1.5 times A4 paper (and I don’t mean the thickness). Only if they served non-aussie beer… (the first steps to fatten myself up!)


Here are some random images… 



:: at the park :: 


:: as usual, marking my territory :: 


:: hello, it’s your daddy ::


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Touched down – Sydney


Just landed in Sydney not too long ago. Damn tired… I think the flights to Australia are shorter nowadays, I barely slept and I’m there already. The sunrise from the plane is beautiful, although I didn’t manage to grab any photos… I was erm… half asleep, half wondering… how nice if they can let me sleep a little (like, another 5 hours?) more before landing.


Smooth sailing through the immigration, even with two boxes of mooncakes from Regent Hotel (eh… da best thing, trust me… ok, at least trust my mum). From plane to taxi stand, 20mins flat. Woohoo!:) A little conversation with the quarantine officer went like this,


QO: What are these? (points at mooncakes)

W: Mooncakes… erm, ok, cakes.

QO: Any eggs?

W: no, no eggs.

QO: made from beans?

W: erm… no, *points at small label* it says… white lotus paste…

QO: What’s white lotus paste?

W: …hmmm… it’s some kind of paste made of white… lotus…?

QO: What makes you think you can bring this in?

W: My mum brings them in ALL the time, and she says you guys used to cut them up to check if there are eggs in there… you want to cut them now? I’m ok with it, you can cut them up.

QO: No, that’s ok.

W: (woohoo!!) Thanks!


*reading some nice sms-es before heading for bed*




… 大树下…

The melody of 余天’s 榕树下 kept ringing in my ears… ok, I know, I’m an old fogey:P I remember going to Grand Shanghai and knowing 95% the songs they were playing… and admit that I wanted to buy the oldies CDs after that…



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Wasn’t really planned to frame it like that, but I liked the way it turned out.



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Just swinging by


A short photo shoot session with Cindy and Dennis. Erm, ok, Dennis isn’t in this picture… because, this is a single seater:P



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Ok folks, it’s confirmed, just booked my flights to Sydney this coming Wednesday (29th Aug 2007). If you hear a funny tone while calling me, yes, I’m overseas, email will be a better option because I don’t usually pick up unknown calls when I’m overseas (partly also because my dad doesn’t own Singtel). In case you really miss me, don’t worry, I’ll be back on 12th Sept 2007. And if you really really miss me… check back often, I’ll (try to) keep this blog updated while I’m there:)