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smoke gets into my eyes

and the migration is complete

To my valued readers and clients, thank you for your patience and I’m sorry if I could not reply to your emails as soon as I wanted. Things are back to normal now and we’re in full swing:)

Just an hour ago, the last piece of furniture -the refrigerator – rolled into position. The move is finally complete. Started on the 3rd day of this new year, I moved my office equipments into the new shophouse along Joo Chiat Road. From then on, I have been spending most of my time setting things up, unpacking, repacking, mopping (constantly checking my sole to see if it’s dirty), tossing coins (heads keep, tails throw), etc. Last night, I was incredibly relieved that everything was done up the way I wanted. And I can call it home. At least for the next few years.

Next up, I’ll be delivering passion (well, some call it work) to the couples whose wedding I have photographed for the past few weeks. Then, I’ll look through my archives for images to be hung up. All these are getting me excited!:D

I look forward to seeing you guys at my new place!:)

Out of office (literally)

Just a short note, we’ll be moving from today till 6th Jan. During this time, I may not have internet access. Please contact me via mobile if you need to reach me. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to see you at my new place!:D

Happy New Year!:)