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Thaipusam (once again)

2 days ago, I received a call from Indren, my ex-uni classmate/housemate. “It’s that time of the year again” he said. I was puzzled, “what? I’ve heard of that time of the month…” I replied jokingly. Then he reminded me it’s [tag]Thaipusam[/tag] this coming Thursday and he will be carrying a [tag]Kavadi[/tag] again this year.


Eversince our Uni days, my housemates and me have been asking him about this unique Hindu festival and have often ask him to inform us if he happen to be participating in it. During the first year after we returned to Singapore, he invited me to join him at the procession as it was his first time carrying the Kavadi. Started around 3am from Serangoon Road temple all the way to Tank road Temple, his journey took him about 3-4 hours and ended about 7am in the morning. That was my first time walking through the procession and the atmosphere was absolutely mind blowing. So much so that I kept telling friends that they should try walking the entire route with the devotees. I saw alot of photographers at either end of the route, but none of them actually walked (or at least that’s what I noticed). Or perhaps, it was a priviledge that I have a friend who would let me tag along.

This year, I’m going to do the same thing. To experience that feeling once again. Of course, I have him to thank for this very unique experience.


**A note for those who intend to shoot the event, please be considerate, keep a distance, because you won’t want to know how they feel if you accidentally knock into them.


Sunset at Tanah Lot

Another photo from my Bali trip. One of the best places for sunsets in Bali, Tanah Lot, also known as Temple by the Sea. At low tide, one can walk to the temple, but once the tide rises, the temple will be partially submerged.




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Monkey Business

I was looking through my unfinished set of Bali photos and found some time to do up 2 images. Taken in Monkey Forest in Ubud. By the time we reached the forest, the monkeys already appeared to be well fed. They weren’t interested in the bananas that we bought. Most of them were just lying around, minding their own businesses.





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Photoblog redesigned

I know it’s abit early now, like 438am in the morning. I just redesigned the photoblog gallery. Now the galleries are being categorized. For now, it’s only weddings and travel. Will be adding more, if I have more to share:) As for now, I will try to update both categories as often as I can. Do check back:)


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Blog (beta) on feldberyl images is up

Finally got my act together and after hours and hours meddling with customization, I’m happy to announce that, the blog’s functional now. Together with the regular blog feature, I have also added the Gallery section where I will (try) to update photos of past/recent works.

Although this is linked to the wedding site, but the contents are not restricted to weddings only (as you can see from the “categories” on the right). For wedding news only, just click on “weddings” and you’ll be only informed of wedding news. I haven’t found a way to update the blog automatically as the photos are updated, so just check back regularly:)

The Travel section will be up soon, once I find time to do it. Shouldn’t be too far into the future:)

Oh yes, whatever’s posted here before were extracted from my livejournal. And now, whatever’s posted here will be crossposted over the LJ.


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Eric and Irene’s wedding featured in “The Knot”

Few months back, Irene emailed me asking for some photos of her wedding to be featured on “The Knot” wedding portal in the states. And well, it’s been up there for a while now, but I didn’t thought of it too much, till I googled “feldberyl” and found the link:)