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Somebody get the groomer please!





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The boys


Portraits of the boys. 









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It’s almost 2 months since I last visited the swamps of Punggol for some wakeboarding. Last week, Lou asked if I’d be interested in a wakeboarding trip to Sebana in Malaysia. I agreed immediately.


The night before I had to part with Tammy as her owners are back in town. We had dinner at Botak Jones in Toa Payoh and had abit of chat after that at our place. Didn’t get too much sleep after that, anxiety or perhaps just missing Tammy. Next morning, we assembled at Punggol at 730am. After some quick admin procedures, we’re on Suter’s boat on our way to Sebana. On the boat was Suter, me, Lou, C and W.


The trip to Sebana is somewhat interesting. First, we’ll head towards the east side of the Straits of Johor, passing familiar places like Changi point, Changi beach and the Changi Exhibition Center, where we manage to catch a glimpse of the A380 (which was there for the Singapore Airshow). At the boundary of the country’s border, we waited for our turn to approach the mobile immigration boat. It’s interesting how we put all out passports into a waterproof bag and a guy on the boat will use a net to pick it up from us.


It was another 20-30mins more of boat ride before we reached Sebana. We alighted at a small Kelong where we met the owner Jimmy and his ever so hyperactive dog, Rocky. I was told that we’ll be having lunch over at the Kelong, while Jimmy told us, “wild boar today… fresh”. After a brief stay (read: toilet breaks), we headed into river channels of Sebana. The water is as they have described to me, silky and buttery smooth. I was the last of the 4 riders and it’s well worth the wait.


We only had one break, which was lunch and break is was… superb! Jimmy cooked up a storm, we had mussels, omelette (heard that’s a specialty, it didn’t disappoint), crabs, fish and wild boar. Now, that reminds me of diving at Dayang, only with better food:)


I think I did a total of 3 runs (or was it 4?) in total, can’t really remember, it just kept going and going. On board the boat, we brought some food, tidbits and even alcohol. I didn’t even remember that I only had an hour sleep the last night. By the middle of the last run, I decided to call it quits. My body wasn’t responding to what I wanted it to do. By last light, we left Sebana. While I drifted into dreamland, the images of those silky smooth water kept playing over and over again.


I’m looking forward to another trip there. For now, the local waters.


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Completely wasted. I’m so so so so tired now. The wakeboarding trip to Sebana really sucked up every ounce of energy I have. Now I’m like… floating… More on that tomorrow.



National call up




Yes, it’s the time of that year again. Good thing it’s in the Ghost month. I’ll be going away on reservist some time in August.







RSM = Repair Service Maintenance


That sums up my day today. Spent the day buying parts at Sim Lim Square to fix up my harddisks. Finally got them all up and running. New keyboard (black looks less gross after use:P) for my main PC and a cordless one for the living room (now the daybed will finally be put into good use!). Sent my helicopter for repair (the dogs will get some peace finally).


In evening, I joined Kelvin and Eng Hong for court soccer at East Coast’s “cage”. Not bad at all, although it comes a little pricey at S$90 per hour. Especially when we didn’t have enough players. At one point in time, we were just kicking the ball around aimlessly. The guys out there must be thinking, these guys must be very rich, pay S$90/hr to kick around. Only towards the last half hour did we get some real action going on after we “loaned” some players from another team. I’m so looking forward to the next game:D


No brainer:P


Gabriel showed me this link which I thought was quite interesting. It claims to determine if you are a left or right brain user. When I saw the image, it always turns clockwise, which means I use more of my right brain. I wasn’t convinced, I thought it must be a hoax, so I got my housemate to see it. He saw anti clockwise, then clockwise, then anti clockwise… etc and it’s driving him mad. So it looks like a real test. And we found out later that, if you concentrate on the shadow of the legs, you can actually “toggle” the direction change:P


The Right Brain vs Left Brain test 


And if you only see the silhouette of a naked woman… you are not using your brain:P


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Little ripples


… … …





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