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Gold Rush

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are enjoying a good break from work. While I’m not really having my break, I’m quite happy that I got a very rare 4 hour nap this afternoon. Thus this post at 3am.

Here’s a little something from the trip. When I peered into that dark overhang, this was the scene that greeted me. It’s a little spooky because I have no idea what was lurking within that dark tight space. I later found out that there are a number of huge ass snappers residing in there and a super big free swimming moray eel at the back of the overhang. I seem to have this habit of staying in a single spot for ages these days. The lesser I try to look around, the more I see. I am already looking forward for another trip.


This is the glass fish symphony. Thousands of glass fish in high speed coordinated movements. The fact that they do not leave the the confined overhang makes the experience even more surreal.

Out fishing

Just in case you wonder why it has been so quiet here.  I’m back and ready for 2014.


There’s always something special about them in a subconscious state.