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猫山皇 – the aftermath


Out in fields today, my nose bled twice. First I paid for the devil’s ($66.6/pc) durians, then I lost blood!:s


I wonder how it sounds like…


“Lelong Lelong!! Durians!! 3 for S$200!!”




I am 猫山皇!!


I’m sure most of you know durians. But, do you know 猫山皇 durians?:) I didn’t know, but I after today, I don’t think I’ll forget it.


After talking about having a durian feast for a couple of weeks, Chris, Pris and me decided we’ll do it today. I told them we’ll have them at the new durian joint near Joo Chiat Pl.


me: Boss, durians for 3 person. Can recommend something good?

DS (Durian Seller): (in that familiar JB accent) SURE!! You must try 猫山皇, yellow creamy flesh, sweet or bitter ones, small seeds… best!

me: orh ok… how much?

DS: 1kg 20 dollar.

me: hmmm… (discuss with Chris)

me (to DS): We’ll take 1 each from different grades (some cheaper ones).

DS: Don’t bother lah, you take 猫山皇, you won’t want to try others!

me: erm… ok.


DS opened one, said that’s a bitter one and asked me to try it (which I did). Opened another one that’s sweet and got Chris to try it. Then opened the last one which he said was “bittersweet”. He then put them into a basket and have them weighed.


I looked at the scale, blinked a few times. Damn! Nothing changed. The scale pointed to 10Kg. I looked at Chris. Our facial expressions looked as if a durian just dropped on our feet.


me and Chris: Can we take one out? Two will do fine.

DS: (waving his hand at us… which coincidentally, was holding the knife) 小弟,开了不可以不要… (you must buy it since the durians are already opened)

me: orh…

DS: I give you one small one for free lah.

DS to fellow DS: 来!两百块!收钱!(200 dollar for this guy)


We spent the next hour stuffing ourselves with 猫山皇 durians, making sure no flesh was spared. I tell you, for once, I felt like a tourist in Singapore. I don’t know was it the sugar in the blood, we laughed so much on 猫山皇 jokes that people around us must’ve thought we’re crazy. Laughing at our own expense, literally. Two of the durians were nice, the other one was so so. Well, we had a good time, at a price.



I brought the “free” durian that I got back home and offered it to my housemate. He put it in the fridge and said he’ll have it later. I’m going to check on him in a while. Once he take the first bite, I’ll charge him S$50:P *evil laughs* I am… 猫山皇!!!:D *LOL*




Durians 1 – 0 Radish (菜头)


It was a rainy day


Despite the bad weather, we all had fun:D





…you want to see some photos soon:P Here’s one before I get dragged into the world of little green men.



Hungry wedding photographer’s month


Oh coincidentally, it falls on Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore. I get a little hungrier than usual this month, thanks to the chinese traditions. Good thing the government is nice, sending me back to reservist where I’ll be well fed. Being hungry ghost month, I hope they won’t make me stay in. You know army camps… they do extra headcounts during this month:)




Had a pet portrait session early this morning. 3dogs, 2 cameras, 1 guy. Good thing they were not too difficult to handle. 11 year old Oldie look real photogenic. Reminds me of characters in Asterix.





Me with the see through glasses at Miao and SK’s wedding. Ok, and the sloppy handwriting. This is what happen after pressing on the trigger too much.



Blessed by light


Some people say I like taking pictures that doesn’t show faces. I also say so. I think I should go shoot in Saudi. If I go there, I’ll change my name to Fat-Barrel.