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Happy Old Year 2008!!

Wishing everyone a very very Happy Old Year!:D Last day of 2008, do spend some time reflecting, reminisce the good times, forgive the bad times, learn from experiences, experience new found knowledge, things you should carry over to 2009 and the things that should be left in 2008.

Tomorrow will be a better day, so will be the next year. All the best guys!:D

I love my new look… coming soon… in 2009:)

a portrait of a little dream

I was running through Elvin and Renee’s wedding photo and found this picture of Hsin Yeow of the band, a little dream who performed at the wedding. I like this one:D


spare me my life…

I’ve been “accused” of posting nothing but super retro youtube videos on my blog recently. Yes yes, I admit to that. But hey, aren’t you guys bored of wedding pictures day in day out? Ha ha ha, of course not. The reason for the slowdown, well, it means “change is coming feldberyl” (that’s something I learned from the US presidential campaign). 2009 that will be. A few big moves, a few big decisions and a lot to look forward to:)

Yesterday, Jean (the bride) showed me this video. The first instinct was… “WTH”. Trust me, you will react the same (these guys did)…

I was sooooooo impressed I went youtube and search for the video right after the wedding. “spear me my lie…” I love japan!:D


Thank you 2008

Thank you for the “mind blasting” year!:P I’ve never liked rollercoaster rides, but 2008 is just like one. Plenty of ups and downs, stretching my emotions to it’s full spectrum. It was nonetheless, an excellent experience. Without them, I probably will never discover that part of me that I’ve never seen, the kind of things that I’d never have done. It’s been a truly amazing year. Thank you all for letting me be part of your memories and you being part of mine.

2009… to be continued:D


This day means alot to me during different phases of my life. I gave it some though today and here they are,

1) When I was schooling, it means, end of holidays…

2) When I was working as an engineer, it means, plant shutdown, no work!:D

3) When I’m doing weddings, it means, we’re nearing the end of peak season… which means, people will be chasing me to get their photos done before CNY!!!:P

Anyway, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas:) I received an sms from YH, his advice was, “blah blah blah… stay out of trouble”. Ya ya, love this greeting best:D

Here are some songs that I usually like to play during this season:)


you called me what?

Just as I posted last night about how an auntie called me “boy”. This morning, I had a jaw dropping moment. When I arrived at the bride’s place, her mum offered me some drinks. She told the bride, “can you pass this to the uncle?”. My brain tried to find to correct reaction, but can’t any. My whole system froze for a good 5 secs while I saw the rest of the people laughing their a** off. That’s a good one auntie:D

That’s what too much retro music do to you.

every little thing

I’ve been having this really amazing feeling of late.

Popped by Chomp Chomp to buy some wonton noodles. Waited for 5 mins and wonton auntie said “boy, your noodles”. I’m like… WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?! At a ripe old age of ter-tee-wan, it feels pretty good, nevermind if she’s auntie. Very often at weddings, kids will call me “uncle”. The parents will usually say, “not uncle! call gor gor (meaning: big brother)”. Very diplomatic:) It’s amazing how that 3 secs of interaction made me think so much:D

When I was walking back to my car, I saw an exact same car, same number plate (except the alphabets) driving past me. I almost screamed “stoooooooooooooooooooooooop!!”. For a moment I thought someone stole my car. I laughed at my own silliness then my brain switched into a completely different mode… “should I buy 4D this weekend”:D

On Natgeo tonight, they showed “Brilliant Beasts – Genius Dogs”. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a re-run, but that’s one episode that all dog owners/lovers should watch. Interesting stuff.

Alright, that’s all for my little thing updates today:)

若影若现 revisited

Sounds all familiar right? Since we’re having fun, let’s double the fun:D