From last week’s event. Shea Lee and Isaac gave some of the vendors a shock with some last minute arrangements, but everything worked out fine and we had a good laugh over that. One of them was that a Buddhist ceremony was included a day before. I was really excited to see what it was like. The highlight I’d say is the “放生” ceremony where birds were freed on the rooftop. Pretty cool to see birds darting out of the cages right in front of you, I was just praying they don’t come crashing right into my lens.


The dinner event was pretty happening as well, didn’t see that part of Isaac till alcohol was served. Standing on top of the chair, he claimed, “我是酒王!!”. To many, that’s suicidal, but man… he’s one of the few grooms I’ve seen left standing by the end of the night after so many drinks, just a little shaky. Considering the amount of alcohol he consumed, that’s pretty understandable. While speaking to Isaac and Shea Lee some weeks back, I found that they had a special affinity with Germany, like me, Isaac was posted there for some period of time. I bet he must’ve built up his reputation as “酒王” in Germany (but no no, I can’t drink), the land of erm… booze (and fast cars).


Congrats guys and here’s the slideshow to share.



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