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We’re closed for holidays


In about 5mins time, I’ll be leaving home, heading to Manado on a dive trip. It’s been a while since I gave myself a break (from 25th June to 2nd July 2008). But it won’t be a complete switch off from work. During my time there, I’ll be looking into ways to streamline the business among other things. I’ll be back, refreshed and ready for the 2nd half of the year.


During this period, I will not have access to internet and limited mobile access. Please leave an email should you have any enquiries.


Good luck, feldberyl.


The beach


I’m not very much a movie person, but when I like a movie, I’ll watch it over and over again. One of them is “The Beach”. I liked it so much I bought the book, the VCD (quite sometime ago) and the soundtrack. And I love the movie quotes. Somehow, they reflect what I feel about traveling.


“The only downer is everyones got the same idea, we all travel thousands of miles just to watch tv and check into somewhere with all the comforts of home , and you gotta ask yourself , whats the point of that? ”


“And as for traveling alone… fuck it. If that’s the way it has to be, then that’s the way it is.”


“i will not DIE today.”



Diving preparation (lack of)


Been gathering the bits and pieces of I-don’t-know-if-it’s functioning equipments from friends and my parent’s place. Last night, I found my wetsuit and my alien dive mask (I got a special one with ear caps because of my ear problems last time).  So I actually look like I’m wearing a huge headphone when I’m diving. My friends used to ask me, “which station are you listening to?”


Looking at all those equipments remind me of the days where diving was like my life. When I had a badly ruptured eardrum (warning: only if you don’t mind seeing how a eardrum looks like) and the doctor told me that I will have to stop diving FOREVER. I asked him, if I were to forgo hearing on my right ear, can I continue to dive? What followed next was a good lecture from him (alright, I know I deserve it). But I have to really thank him for the fantastic op that he did for my ear. I was able to dive a year after the operation.


The old saying is true, “live and dive another day” (sometimes I say, live and die another day).


And looking at the photo of the ruptured eardrum, I’ll be diving exactly the same day I put up that photo!:D


Fish eye-ed


Good thing I was far enough, otherwise, I’d have looked like a fat barrel😛 



feldberyl is going on a summer holiday


Yes! I just booked my air tickets to Manado (see how last minute I can get?). Woohoo! It’s a short trip… I think it’s really short. But I hope I get to relax a little before the busy months ahead. What better way to relax than diving. Everything is slow underwater… you can almost hear the turtles telling you “chill dude…”. *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* (I like it lame:P)


Anyway, I’ll be out of town from 25th Jun to 2nd Jul 2008. If you have any enquiries, please drop me an email. I’m sure they don’t have reception underwater, so email is best. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m back.


Time to blow bubbles nitrogen addict! *blurb blurb… blurb blurb…*


Shanghai Shanghai


谜-sterious couple.








A taste of “wedding”


You know how a typical Singapore wedding is like, the groom goes through that crap (I said crap because I won’t like it if I were in his shoes) when they pick up the bride. The bridesmaids will serve the groom and his groomsmen some really terrible tasting food in the name of of love (you know, that four letter word, depending which side of the gate you are standing… it may sound a little different).


Anyway, for the last 3 weddings, the guys got steamrolled  by the girls. Nothing, they didn’t even put up a fight. It’s so amazing. The guys are just tooooooooooo nice. And yes, no complaints, they seem to enjoy it. Oh oh… and the best part is, the bride always says she doesn’t have a part in the planning. That’s the last lie before you exchange vows:P


On the last wedding, I was a little hungry, so I took a decent bite on the biscuit laced with wasabi. And on my… these things taste REALLY good!! I’m going to buy biscuits and wasabi tomorrow and have them for breakfast. I think the guys are just playing along with the ladies… it’s actually nice.


Well, I know majority of the readers here are ladies and they probably won’t be happy knowing that wasabi give the boys nothing but pleasure:) Try Habanero (from the makers of Tabasco) sauce instead. This will shut the boys up for a while:D Alrite, make them eat it and do a tongue twister (Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…).




I think I’m enjoying the gatecrashing process more and more. It’s like food tasting. Whatever food means.