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To strike or not to strike

I was having dinner at my parent’s place last night and here’s an excerpt of a conversation I had with dad.

D: how do you say “tio beh pio” in english?

Me: “I struck lottery”

D: So “struck” means “tio”?

Me: Yup.

D: what about “tio summon”?

Me: ………… *tio snook*

LOL. I love talking to my parents.

hands crossed

i have a blister on my hand and listening to korean techno pop while photoshop is doing it’s work.

Some memorable stuff I’ve heard over the past week.

    Client called “I’m at your place already. Is it at the toilet bowl?” (My neighbour’s shop sells kitchen and bathroom stuff).

    Client said “I saw more diving pictures than wedding when I went to your blog” (when asked if he has checked out my website yet, good thing he’s a diver:))

    This one abit longer than a week, client said “my friend asked me, I thought you paid alot (ok, that’s not true :D) for a photographer to take your pictures? how come a JC boy (that’s not true either:P) turned up?” (But thank you, I take that as a compliment:P)


Ah… so that’s how it felt to be on the other side of the camera. After finishing up the family portraits for my (ex)housemate and his family, I got to carry baby Isaac. And they were busy making Isaac smile and the picture of 3 adults doing a “peek-a-boo” action in unison is just way too funny. Alright, it was fun. And credits to Eugene for the photo. See, anybody can shoot:)

Oh yes, let not my mum see this. Else, I’m gonna get a earful of nagging again.

lasting impression

Barely a week into the new year and I was tasked to take some family portraits for my (ex)housemate’s family. We had a little session out at the grasslands in the north of Singapore. When his mum saw me, she said, “so I heard you don’t eat and you survive on just tic tacs…”. So… that’s the impression I left on someone I’ve stayed under the same roof for about 2.5 years:D lol! Then she said again, “but you don’t look like it (someone who just survive on tic tacs)…”.

Actually, it’s true:x I used to think, “if you don’t work, don’t eat”. When I held a full time job, I used to skip meals on weekends. So when I decided to quit back in 2007, it was really hard to adjust… it’s much better now.

Just another late night post. More to come tomorrow!:D

Happy Lunar New Year!!:D


Isn’t it nice to have 2 days of holidays. And people going around going “huat ah!” I love CNY:D

Why I’m out…

…because I don’t want to sit down all day and become like that.

working my ass off… literally.

getting out of coma

Where do I even begin?

“your last post was dated 14th January 2010.”

“…and now it’s just a picture…”

“why why why no updates?”

This are just some feedback I got from friends. This blog have been in coma for a little more than 3 weeks now. Which means that I’ve been really working me bottoms off for the past 3 weeks. I wish there’s a device that can write while I talk, so I can update my blog in the car. That’s one space that gives me the most inspiration. For once, I can understand how one felt when they say “the renovations and house is giving me a big headache!”. Well, I don’t think mine’s the exactly the case. I spent a fair bit of time doing up the place a little and cleaning the entire place by myself, but I think changing my lifestyle is the one that took a little time adjusting. eg. not walking straight into the office from the bedroom when I wake up. Now I understand why it’s so important not to have the office in the bedroom or right beside it.

To cut the story short, I love the change of lifestyle here. No Breakfast and moldy food has become a thing in the past:) Let’s hope this New Year will be a good one.

Here are two images I took late last year:)