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my name is halloween


Today is Halloween. I got reminded twice already! Yes yes, I know my name translated in mandarin means Halloween (万圣节). Not the most accurate, but sounds close enough. I bet my parents doesn’t know this. Who the hell will name their child after halloween right?:P I quite like this name though. You know, like Halloween halloween… sure beat names like Zhong Qiu (Mid Autumn… imagine you are a girl and some kid calls you, zhong qiu jie?) or… even Deepava-Lee right?

edit: I was just thinking, if I really call myself Halloween, it’ll be funny as hell when people call. “Hello…”, “Yes I am”. Oh man… talk about Pre wedding anxiety… Go to bed dude!

Ok, that aside, I recently found out something special about my childhood. I was talking to my dad couple of weeks back about the old times and how I was as a kid. Somehow we ventured into the topic of the supernatural world. I know we used to stay in a place which is, pretty haunted (I shan’t go into the details). I was very young then, before kindergarten (I don’t know what you guys call it now… some fanciful names like, playschool, pre-school… whatever).


He said I used to see things. Well, you know, dead things. I was a little shocked when he told me that as a child that time, I sometimes ask questions like, “why are the 2 people standing there without heads?” (when there’s obviously no one around). For a moment, I felt like the kid in sixth sense. Honestly, I never remember that, but I don’t think he’s joking either.


Over the years, I’ve had some strange encounters, but they have never been bad. Good thing, no visual contact. I’m a scaredy cat, I won’t watch a horror movie. The last time when my friends tricked me to watch one, I literally shut my eyes throughout the movie.
Well, I don’t know what Halloween means to you folks,  to me, it’s usually party time (that is if I can). To everyone out there, Happy Halloween!:D Here’s one video for you folks who have decided to stay home…


after you watch the above, you MUST watch this. It’s the funniest MTV EVER!!:P



I ain’t no werewolf… I am 猫山皇!!:D


what kind of weddings do I shoot?


Last night, we had dinner with Jose Villa who was in town. Some of us who attended his workshop last year were more than happy to see him again. Last time, Samy’s curry, this time round, chilli crabs. It was nice seeing him again. Still as fun:)


After dinner, I was showing him the pictures of our pets and he asked if I stayed alone. And the conversation goes like that…


Jose: do you stay alone?

Me: no, I stay with 2 dogs and a housemate

Jose: Wow!! you have a housemaid!! Does your housemaid come in everyday?

Me: hmmm… yeah? He stays in the house.

And his friend, Joel, pipped in…

Joel to Jose: He said HOUSEMATE, like roommate you know?

Jose: Oh!!… I was wondering what kind of weddings do you shoot… you can afford a housemaid!!

Me: Ah… I have 5 assistants and 2 chauffuers as well… (this is how we entice foreign talents:D)



It was really nice meeting them yesterday. California, next year *scribbles on notepad*.




Remember my Nokia start up screen? This one reminds me of the Apple Ipod ad? I can hear a bunch of people out there screaming, “can’t see face again!”… duh! I know I won’t make it as a passport photo photographer.



hello world! – e66


Test message 123…

feldberyl, we have contact…


skyfire updates


Perhaps one of the best news I’ve received today, besides Dennis and Anne who brought me lunch and wine (Thanks so much guys!). Skyfire is has finally released it’s public beta! Skyfire is a new web browser for mobile phones. There has been alot of talk about it being the rising star among the more established browsers.


I just tried it and this think ROCKS!! I can FINALLY see my flash slideshow playing on the mobile phone! And also, youtube videos plays right in the browser, yes, in the browser! Another thing, it loads amazingly fast too. I hope this beta version will last for awhile.


Ok, back to editing now…


i hate myself for loving you


I found this version by Katie Holmes. The singing isn’t great, but it sure doesn’t sound as depressing as Joan Jett’s version. It helps being Katie too. Katie married Katek… ah…




One step at the time. I’ll get out of this.


CSI… retro.


I guess I’m really in the retro mood today. This song just appeared from nowhere… I think I’m screwed.


*drum rolls*




Here’s the video, in case you haven’t heard it before. Did I mention I am super cheena? This is my version of CSI:P






Went wakeboarding yesterday morning, hoping to iron out some moves and banish some painful thoughts. Didn’t do too well and got hell from Jem (the driver). He has been scolding me for the longest of time (most of the time for my own good, although sometimes I think he just do it to get the kick out of it), but this time it felt much worse than any other time.


I just couldn’t land my jumps properly. He got real pissed and shouted across the water, “if you are scared, don’t wakeboard!!”. Sigh… I’ve never felt so close to tears before. Even though I knew his intentions, it still hurt like hell. Anyway, I just kept telling myself to be positive, to try again and again till I get it right. Even though I still didn’t get it, I know there’ll be another day to try again.


When I took a break, he told me that he doesn’t understand why I’m always trying so hard, trying to be perfect and why I’m always thinking. I wonder how much of what he said is linked to what I am like in real life. In trying, sometimes, we hurt ourselves more than we know. I have much to learn…


Some comforting parts, he said he’ll teach me how to do a backroll some time. Good, I’ve been wanting to learn that.