Just hours after rolling out the new website, I got some friends to look at it and got some comments. One of the things that bugged me was that the images may be a little too big for some of you who may be using smaller monitors or on laptops (yeah… isn’t it nice to view wedding sites at work?:P). I may be doing some tweaking in the next few days to make site navigation a little easier.


Any comments or feedback will be very much appreciate. Thank you!:) You can drop me an email as well.


updates: Ran some checks after receiving feedback and realized the site isn’t optimized as I overlooked the issues on screen resolution as well as the image sizes. Spent the entire night, flushing caches, resizing and thinking how to put up a new design asap (while the world sleeps). Finally got it fixed this morning and now it’s good to go:) Also reduced the number of clicks to get to the images. *sweats*


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