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Is it just me or everyone else gets the same thing?


– I can be in front of the computer for the whole day. The moment I leave the computer, someone sends a message on MSN.


– My phone can be with me the whole time. But when I take a shower, I’ll get like 2 missed calls and 3 messages. Now I take my phone into the shower. So, if you at the other end, thinking that I’m caught in a rain, no I’m not. Oh yes, I’ve also disabled 3G video conferencing.


– I can be awake for 19 hours a day. The 5 hours that I’m not, I get people calling. Something that goes like this… “Are you free to shoot my wedding?”… “Sorry, no, I’m sleeping.”


Alright, just kidding. Silence, I kill you!




I’ve been sleeping really late these days. Which also means I’ve been sleeping quite little (compared to the original specification of 16 hours sleep a day for IDEAL operation). Every night before I sleep, I’ll put up my Ipod and view Jeff Dunham’s videos on youtube till I doze off. Achmed, Melvin, Bubba J, Walter… etc.


Keeps me happy for awhile before I sleep. When I woke up, I found myself screaming…


“I KILL YOU!!!!”


I knew I had an overdose. Silence!! Damnit!!:D


What have I been up to?


One week of “cyberspace silence”.


Sorry to disappoint you folks, but I’m not dead yet:P Maybe a little tired, lack of sleep, muscle aches, back pain,  enhanced eyebags and a little leaner. So what I have been up to?


Earlier last week, I got a “friendly” reminder on my “aging” blog and website. In this day and age, people seem to be upgrading their websites and blogs more frequently than the teenagers changing their mobile phones. So I took a good look at my website and found some really disturbing news. I can’t update anything on my site because I’m way way over my storage limit (I’m talking about more than double). I know, it’s my fault, I haven’t been doing much housekeeping. But even if I did, I’m sure it’s still over the limit.


So I decided to change to a bigger host. Gab told me the US hosts are not too bad, so I gave it a try. After rebate, I paid 1 cent for a month, but found out a day later that it’s way too slow for my liking. Not when most of my clients are based in Singapore. On the same day, I decided to change to a local host after some research on this pretty informative forum.


From then on, it was non-stop work round the clock. I can’t remember any nights that I slept before 4am. Latest being 830am in the morning when I continued working after watching Man U beat Chelsea. I am hardly out of my chair over the past one week. Except Thurs where I had some fantastic ramen with Chris and Pris at Ramen Santouka and Saturday when I manage to catch some wakes at Punggol and dinner at Ah Zhang with Kelvin, Beth, Mike Ian (sorry, my mistake for mistaken identity:P) and partner. Oh yes, the “pork” ribs are wonderful… 😀


And yesterday, I pop by mum’s place and grabbed a handful of dumplings. It’s been awhile since she made them. Those delicious little rice cakes!:D~~ One more thing, Tabasco sauce with dumplings… BEST!!


There’s more work to be done. I don’t want to stop the momentum, so let’s say, another 3 more day/nights of slogging, you should be seeing something new up here:D


I’m digging a deep deep hole… and letting work bury me alive.



Something alternative part II


Remember “the bride” I posted earlier this month? Well, here she is again:D





4 years on.


My best friend. I will always remember you. I left you for the wedding, because it’s a job and a “once in a lifetime” event when you were at the brink of death. Little did I know that it was your once in a lifetime too. I love you. I am so sorry…


In memory of Triever


Triever in his last days





When the saw me, they went, “oops”. Then I pointed behind… double oops!:D Nice kiss btw.



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Black Jack


Reminds me of Tam Jiak (贪吃). I miss them and the times we spent.



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