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Being alone

Over a few hours of reflection, I’ve understood so much about others and discovered a little more about myself. By far, the best New Year I’ve had. Quiet and happy. The noisy parts will come in a couple of days when the parties start popping up:)


Happy Lunar New Year!!:D

This is one of my favourite holiday of the year, although I don’t usually celebrate it (as in going visiting and all). Because it’s the only 2-day holiday in Singapore:D And yes, the new year goodies, my favourite bak kwa, mandarin oranges… yum yum!!:D

After reunion dinner at my parent’s place last night, we sat down in the living room to catch Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle. That’s a pretty neat movie!!:D Somehow or rather, my mum started talking about us getting OLDER!! Here’s how the conversation went,

Mum (to bro): You are getting older already… should get married soon! (I was thinking of Russell Peters when she said that!)

Bro: *laughs and mumbled something*

Me: *watching Stephen Chow getting beaten up*

Mum: *turns to me* and you!! should go get someone too…

Bro and gf: *laughs so hard*

Dad: He’s going to be a monk.

Me: *gave my dad an invisible hi five* ah yes… *continues watching Stephen Chow getting beaten up…*

Mum: *starts giving us a lecture about marriage… being alone… blah blah blah*

I wanted to ask her, how to say “jaded” in mandarin, but I thought, she’ll probably come up with some funny translation. I hope she doesn’t bring this topic up ever again. Else, the next reunion dinner, I’ll be having it overseas:D

All in all,  a very good dinner together. Eversince we moved out, I think the reunion dinner became alot more significant than it ever did. I’m happy to know that I made the right decision to move out and I thank my parents for their understanding. Tonight, we’re going to have that expensive new year rojak we call, Yu Sheng!!:D

To all readers, 家和万事兴


Guess how much?


… to be shown the door (out)?:D


Not very much:P


Me thinks, these gatecrashing negotiations are pretty much like courtship.


The WPN CNY madness:P

Today we had this crazy little shoot for our CNY greeting on the WPN website. It turned out a little better than the Christmas one (partly because it’s in air conditioned environment – thanks to William!:D). Funny seeing how we work. Oh yes, Kago got a cameo too!:D

We tried so many things, but decided the throwing of mandarin oranges is the best. And yes, we smashed almost all of them by the end of the shoot. Kago went crazy everytime the oranges drop. He thinks it’s a ball!!

Thanks to Yu Hsin to putting this up! Brilliant stuff!:D

To our dear readers, wishing you a happy lunar new year. Good health, surrounded by good people and feel good:D

WPN CNY Shoot from yuhsin on Vimeo.

edit: just added new images in the video:)

it’s a dance dance revolution!!

Been really busy editing images and putting together albums (not to mention house hunting, moving and packing), thus the lack of updates on  the blog.

I’ve always have this liking for extreme lights and shadow (see “alternative bride” post). Love this shot in particular. The extreme right pair of legs belong to the bride, which was nicely illuminated, while the rest of them are in the shadows.



This was taken during tea ceremony, the bride’s mum looked at the dad’s (who passed away) picture on the altar before the couple served tea.  Subsequently, she broke down and cried.  In between those shutter clicks,  I heard her say to the bride,  “I miss your dad…”

It’s a love hate relationship when I see people cry during weddings. Everytime I look at this image, the same scene kept playing in my head. Too close and too real to ignore.


The move completed

After 3 days, we’ve finally settled into the new house. Monday, I moved the office (except the mega shelf) on my own. Tue the movers came over and shifted all our belongings over. All I needed was “eye power”. Wed was unpacking and handing over of the old place (which is a real pain… nearly died doing it if not for the very kind karang-guni).

Once everything is out of the house, we found some interesting facts about the dogs. They actually took sides under the couch, Kenji will stick to the right and Kago the left. How’d we know? The fur that’s stuck under couch. Speaking of being territorial animals.

Now I’m left with 5% to pack. This is the hard part. IF I don’t do it within this week, chances are, it’ll stay there till next year. But I’m going to clear some work first. This post will remind me to clear them tomorrow:)

And yes, the new website. The skeleton is up. I’m hoping I can find some time next week to get the images up. Once done, the beta aka “please report any bugs” version will be released!:D

Sorry for the lack of wedding entries these days. I’m working on them:)


We are moving

Yes, the day has arrived.  I will be shifting my workstations today. The rest will go on Wednesday.

During this period, I may have limited internet access (I’m trying to hook it up with my mobile phone and it seems fine for now). Sorry about the inconveniences.

Btw, the new place rocks!!:D