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I think we got a shot

waited out

We managed to wait out the rain. Was on the verge of postponing the shoot but the skies parted and we carried on with some really cool weather.

Symms nice

The engineering roots are appearing. I notice I am beginning to love symmetries, lines and shapes all over again.

Outside is raining, underwater it’s wet

That’s how the trip went. Took a week off in January and headed to Lembeh Straits in Manado, Indonesia for some critter hunting. It was a really wet season as we saw no more than 2 days of sun during my week’s stay. There were less critters, but enough to keep me busy with an average of 75mins underwater each dive. One of the highlights of this trip was witnessing the hatching of the flamboyant cuttlefish. The guide found the eggs under some coconut shells and I decided to wait and watch it for awhile. When I saw one of them moving, I prep my camera and took some shots and when it popped, I nearly screamed into my regulator. It was just an amazing experience to witness it.

Learned a great deal during this trip, in terms of handling of the camera among other things, things that I can apply to my job. It was a fruitful trip and I will be back again. Many thanks to the friendly staff from Twofish divers, good to see you guys again:D Here are some pictures from the trip.

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Still on last year. And re-living the experience of 2010.


Something we did last year. Something we will be doing again this year.

Chiang Mai – Waterfall

Took a short break during CNY to Chiang Mai. For once, I remained above water, because it’s just too cold.

Monthattan Waterfall in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Waited for the light to pierce through the foilage on the water.

bottoms up!

And if you drink, don’t drive:D Stay safe and have a prosperous new year!

A coconut octopus grabbing the mouth of a discarded bottle while the strong surges swept the sand across the seabed.