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Wedding of Andrew and Betsy

The 逃学威龙版 of a wedding. Something that I haven’t seen for a long long time. Definitely refreshing and alot of unexpected emotions along the way.

Click on the image below to watch the slideshow.

shooting dragons

This is the year of the water dragon. And the dragon’s out with a vengeance.

Heard about the chilli garlic formation? Some people swear by it. I wonder what’s the dragon’s take on this.

My opinion is to get a raincoat and a camera with good weather seal. Like that one camera. I am waiting.

The edge

please please me

There are some images that pleases everyone. This is one of those that please my soul. It tells me, “it’s a 50-50 chance, you took it and it looks like you missed it, but that’s what 50-50 is all about”.

50-50 is what makes life exciting and keeps the heart beating.


The kind of stuff that makes my day.

I just came to say hello!

Oh and I was catching up season 1 of Point of Entry (because I needed some “background” noise while editing) yesterday while working on my images. To be honest, it wasn’t all that bad. I mean yes the acting can be much better, but the plot is quite good what! Caught a little bit of season 2 and thought Jade Seah, though looks quite hot in the show… can do better with her acting. The fighting scenes were quite painful to watch.

I told my friend via Whatsapp that I was watching “point of entry” and was told that sounded kinky…


This is my latest catchphrase. “I’ll xoot by later”:D

Eversince I laid my eyes on this beautifully crafted machine months back at Betelbox (Joo Chiat Road), I’ve been dreaming to own one. I put off the purchase because of the rainy weather for the past few months and I figured I won’t be able to use it that often. That’s the same reason why I stopped my skateboard routine at the skatepark (if you see a “looks too old to be there” person alone in the mornings doing very noob stuff… that’s probably me).

Last year, I bought myself a Mint cleaner which I call it my best purchase of the year. I think the Xootr has got potential to be the top 3 purchases this year, even though we are barely a quarter there. I said top 3 because this is the year for camera upgrades and I figured it’ll be a close fight:D This machine is so fast and efficient even on the roughest of roads. Now I find the incentive to travel further for meals and not worry about the almost non-existent parking space around the neighborhood during meal times.

Next up. Surfin’ USA. This year is gonna be interesting.


Anything with wheels or boards… I’d like to have a go at it. (Image linked from

A Natgeo issue

Hello! I just want to say hello! I’m so addicted to Martin Solveig’s “Hello” and it’s been on repeat since morning. All I can say is Hello!:D

Oh yes… this picture with the familiar yellow frame reminds me of National Geographic magazine. It’s ok to dream, it’s past 5.

Bali shorts

Was around in Bali couple of months back for a short getaway. Good food, good rest, and took whatever came along. Here are some images from the trip.

A rainbow during a morning walk. The locals told me it’s a common sight. I thought it was a magical sight. Now I know they live in a magical land.

A temple at Ubud.

Monkey clan.

Monkey clan 2. Taken at the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Feeding frenzy by the tourists.

Love this moment between the two.

Eat, Drink, Monkey.

They are everywhere. The moment  you put your hands into the bag, they’ll rush towards you, believing that you have something edible in your bags. Sometimes, you don’t even know where they came from. In this forest, your every move is watched.

The comic clouds.

Cactus on the rocks.

A couple enjoying the sea breeze while the rest of the people waits for the waves to recede before crossing the small channel between the rocks.


Cliff hanger.

 A couple who walked into my frame. I shot, I showed them and emailed it to them. Sometimes, things just happen.