The last post

It’s been awhile since the last post and this will be the final post for this blog before we move on to the new blog. The reason for the new blog is partly because of new structure wordpress in the the years. It has been increasingly difficult to port everything over to the new blog, so I have made a painful decision to start afresh on the new blog. That said, this blog will still be here and can be accessed via a link from the new blog or The new blog can be accessed via

Saturday humour

It’s a Saturday. Put a smile on your face:)

Post holiday post.

The kind of feeling you get when you come back from a holiday. The next one is just on the horizon.

Rainy Mondays

The weather is somewhat nice these days. The fuzzy feeling it evokes make me feel like going on a holiday.

Growing old together

Wedding images need not be complicated. At times, a simple eye contact makes the picture. In this case, it made my day:)

The Eye

Nick looking at the sardines while the sardines moved away from the bubbles to create an ‘eye’.

Under cover

In the movie 300, Leonidas said, ‘we will fight in the shade’. I was reminded of that quote at this very moment. All of sudden, the lights went out, the color of the water turned from greenish blue to a beautiful deep blue filled with millions of glowing blue sardines. Part of me marveled at how all these happened in a split second and the other part frantically changing the settings on the camera to compensate for the sudden change in exposure.

A school of yellowtails dwarfed by millions of sardines along the coast of Moalboal as Garry, our guide, looks on.

In the eye of the sardines

Millions of them. Now, I can’t wait to go back again. Great diving, great freediving.