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Out of office/bed today


It’s been awhile since I was out the entire day. Taking a little break from some intensive editing yesterday. After wakeboarding in the morning, I went down to the Motorshow at Suntec with my friend. Looking around, I saw ALOT of people bringing big SLRs to shoot the models. Frankly, I don’t know what they learn from doing that. Maybe there is really a lack of shooting opportunities in Singapore or maybe they just derive certain kind of pleasure from it. Coincidentally, they are ALL guys. It’s a tough life being a model.


As for the car show in general, it was quite a disappointment as only a handful of big car dealers were there (Nissan, Honda, Subaru, some truck brands, etc). But I did see something that I think I might want to get in the near future, a bike. Yeah, motorbike! Just have this feeling:) Probably the highlight was the stunt show… fantastic precision driving skills.


On our way to town, we nearly met with an accident. The car was cruising on CTE at about 50-60km/h in wet weather when a 14 foot lorry suddenly swerve (I mean really swerve) from the 2nd lane (which I have no idea why was he on that lane) to the 1st then swerving back again. The sudden action caused the 2 cars in front of me to jam their brakes. I managed to bring the vehicle to a stop inches away from the car in front. When we started moving off, I saw the cab driver behind me getting out of the car. I guess he got hit on the back by someone else because of the sudden stop. I felt so sorry for the guys, paying for someone else’s mistake. Just hope no one is hurt. I bet it’s going to hold up the traffic for awhile.


Overall, it was nice day. One more set of photos tonight and I’ll be done for the day:)

Are you like that?

This song came up on my mobile phone when I was taking a shower today (ah yes, I take my phone into the bathroom). I was a hi-tech ah beng once upon a time… that explains my music preference:P

I got this video through emails couple of years back and thought it’s really funny and holds some *understatement* truth. I guess all guys experienced this at some point or other in their lives. I think the author of this animation is a genius!:D



Hand signs


OK? Reeeeaaally?



Race day


No BBQ tonight. I was lying on the sofa, watching the race with the 2 uninterested dogs (they can’t understand what’s so fascinating about cars going round the circuit… like some people) :P. Ordered a couple meal from KFC for myself and drank 1 litre of orange juice.


Even though the rain I was hoping didn’t come, we still see drama after drama. Funniest one being “Massa’s tail”. Classic example of how technology fails when it matters most. Some engineer’s ass gonna hurt real bad after this.


I was quite surprised to see PM Lee presenting the trophy. While he’s always at the edge of the podium, I was hoping that Alonso or Hamilton will spray the champagne at him. Didn’t happen… damn… otherwise it’ll be a great photo opportunity for the photographers. And +1 for drama:D


F1 experience (the free kind)


It’s the first ever night race in sunny Singapore. I’ve heard alot about the sounds those machines make, so I decided to hear it for myself. Some people say it’s louder than our army range, some say it makes your heart beat faster… the office workers said it’s damn irritating. When I first hear it after alighting from the cab at Chijmes, I thought it wasn’t too bad (till I got to stand 10 meters away from it at MS).


The crowd in town was amazing. Imagine, the crowd of 4 PC shows combined. Everywhere, I see people, on the sidewalks, slopes, bridges, stairways of hotels, rooftops, fences… etc. My friend told me about spidermans all over the place. “Did you see this ang moh woman in skirt climbing up the fence?” Erm… nope… but I hope she doesn’t cause any car crash.


It was a very nice experience, not just to see/HEAR the powerful machines zoom past, but to soak up the atmosphere and all the happenings. It’s actually quite entertaining to see the lady next to you trying to catch the car zooming past on the camera… I know I’m not exactly kind because I laugh everytime she misses (which meant I laughed throughout). And the whole bunch of people who are trying to take pictures/videos of the race at one particular section (see below). I guess they didn’t know the qualifying was televised on Star Sports.



I hope there will be drama tonight. The more drama, the better it is. I’m praying for rain for the last 15 laps. The heavier, the better.


Aren’t you guys bored?


Calling over and over again? To be specific, once every fortnight (sometimes, if they feel happy, I may get it twice a week) for the past 1.5 years. Yes, I’m talking about you, the particular bank in Singapore that host the marathon. I know it’s probably not your fault, since the people who called usually goes… “Hi, I’m calling from eFxxxxx on behalf of SCB”. You are paying these jokers money to recycle a telephone list!! How dumb is that? Reminds me how that top spammer in US got so freaking rich.


Now I wonder if Singapore have laws to govern these practices.


i am


orange, skewed and I carry a big tool.



where is the love?


They say it’s everywhere. So when I look into my lens… oh damn, it’s really there!! (My name was added later)