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somewhere over the rainbow

I was pretty near the pot of gold. But someone got there before me!

a question of ang pow

When I was younger (way younger), one of the most common topics after chinese new year was to compare how much ang pow (red packets) we received over the new year’s visiting. I have to admit mine was always below average. But still, I enjoyed the part where we opened our ang pows and guess who they were from. Couple of years back when I started working, I decided to donate the money from the ang pows to charity because I felt I was too old (even though I’m not married) to take them. While I still get quite a fair bit of ang pows from weddings, I used to spend them whenever I needed cash.

2 years ago, I decided to keep aside those ang pows and only open them when the year ends. One of the reasons was because I didn’t want to get stressed over the pictures if I knew someone gave me a fat ang pow. The very same reason why I generally do not ask where my couples work or their family background. These information are unnecessary for my work and I do not see how they can help me in my approach on the wedding day. That year, I decided that I would donate everything I collected in the year to charity. Since ang pows symbolize good luck, the good karma goes back to the people who gave them to me.

I remember my mentor once said that we should always give back to the society, through whatever avenues, that’s really up to us.


Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!!


Oh yes, I have to say this too. Have a shark’s fins free New Year!!:D

Some good fortune with the weather

I said I’ll post more this year. Sofasogood.

double lucky

We saw a pretty awesome sunrise in the morning (didn’t manage to take it since we were driving), one of those that look like salted egg yolk. Right place right time for the sunset. I have to say, sun sets REALLY fast in Singapore. I was still thinking maybe we could wait awhile more. Good thing we didn’t.

No wind

But your hands do just fine:)

Lining up the shot

It’s been a really satisfying day out in the sun. I love the light today, but just wished the temperature was a little lower. All done, now enter the dragon!


The morning light inside



The morning light