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Get this straight… I AM STRAIGHT, extremely.


Met Gab, Ead, Bev and Hsin Yeow for lunch today but left after that for cableski. And yes, I managed to go on the table top!:) 


Then Gab msn-ed me earlier, telling me what he claims “alot of people” have been asking… “is” * “wansheng” * “gay”? (I’m breaking the sentence apart in case google start grouping them as a statement!!) 


No offense to anyone, but I am straight. Very straight. And I remain straight!:D I don’t eat apples doesn’t mean I like oranges… get it?:)


And yes, my housemate is damn straight too!! Although we suspect the two dogs are brokeback. Those who have been here and seen them humping each other should know:P


Happy holidays!:D


Elaine and Ammar in Bollywood


I was going to put up the standard slideshow, then something bollywood hit me:P So I made an amatuerish MTV myself:) I have to say, I’m quite proud of the result:D Boleh-wood!!!!:D Can’t wait to be at their wedding party next week!! woohoo!!


I’ve always wanted to use something techno to do a slideshow (can you see the little ah beng in me?)… so here goes:D



music and mtv: romeo by basement jaxx


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Ying Min and Kelvin


A recent wedding that I shot. Very simple affair, no gate crashing and stuff. Love the church, one of the best ones I’ve been to. We had a short photoshoot session before the church service and it turned out fantastic!:D Their church wedding coordinator, Andy was really helpful and I’ll be seeing him on a wedding again soon. He then reminded me “I’ll be sending you the 17 page itinerary again…”.


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The floor is soooooooooo polished that my shoe squeaks when I walk. During the service, I have to walk really slowly. A couple of times, I found myself at the center of attention:s





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While you were eating…


62nd minute: Man U 1 – 1 Chelsea. Erm… I was up in the hotel room to capture some moments… like this one:D 



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The “Gift”


Finally got some time to sit down and write something. So occupied over the weekend that I have to miss The Wedding Paparazzi’s office warming (Sorry Ami and the gals… really cannot make it:(). Slept late on Friday night because of some stupid contest submission (which was later extended…damnit!!:(). Spent the entire day meeting clients, which is a good thing (absolutely love the beer we had at Friends with Lay Sie and Wymen). And I ended the day with(out) paying for my dinner at my fave “zi cha” place. I’ll have to pop by tomorrow to pay up, before they put my photo up beside Mas Selemat’s.


Back to the photo issue. Couple of weeks back, a client informed me that they saw my T3 winning photo in the studio that provided the gown. I was shocked, because I gave no such photo to them, neither will I allow them to use it without my permission. So I popped by one day, walking past the bridal shop to check it out, but I see no photo from outside, so I decided to let it rest. Until earlier this week, I heard 2 couples mentioning this again. One told me that the make up artist actually claim that it’s taken by one of their in house photographer. That got me really really upset. Using my photo without permission is one thing, claiming you shot that photo is just… (fill in the blank). 


After consulting some friends, I decided I should go down and have a little chat with the guys. I was greeted by one of their staff and I asked him if they were they provided the gown for the contest and he acknowledged. Then I asked if they have that photo in the studio and he said yes. So I told him that he is not supposed to put them up without my permission. Then he pulled out the photo, wrapped in a clear plastic bag and told me that it was a gift from the couple. We had a little chat in which some points were exchanged. At some point in time, I wasn’t very happy with the guy’s comments.


Me: When I hear about someone using my photos, I feel I should at least come down and check it out.

him: In that case, there are so many people out there that copy our gown designs, am I supposed to go around looking for them?

Me: But you can’t do anything about it.

him: Preceisly.

Me: But I CAN (because the photo is mine!!).


If someone copies the way I take a photo, there’s nothing much I can do. But if someone takes my photo and claims it’s theirs, that’s a totally different story. End of the day, they said it’s a case of misunderstanding. Because the clients/vendors who went there and saw the photo may ASSUME that it’s taken by them even though they didn’t claim it’s theirs. So I told them if they are going to show it to their clients, better make sure they say it’s not taken by them. I hate being put into such a tight spot. Taking away someone’s “gift” just doesn’t make me feel good. I just hope people don’t abuse their “gifts”.


Late night video post


Check these out:) If you used to (or still do) go Mambo, you’ll probably know most of the songs (although I doubt you know the moves associated with them… now you know:P)





And here’s the wedding version. This couple rocks!:D 




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Now for the outdated…


I was flipping though yesterday’s Straits Times during breakfast and saw this news… Fann (Wong) getting married!!! (in case you missed it… go “finally!”). Seems like Chris already proposed and wedding preps are ongoing. First question, who’s shooting her wedding?:) I know… occupational hazard.