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matrix 2008


Turned out pretty cool. I like it:)



my stomach is square


I am not hungry, nic insist I go for lunch. What is wrong with him (since he insist, I won’t bring my wallet)? Anyway, before lunch commence, photos first.





I know people come here to look at the images, not my rantings. So here you go.



Upgrading your equipment?


This reminds me of someone I know. Oh, I think you might know him too.



Spiralling up


You take you time to climb up the stairs. I’m going to take breakfast and fly my heli.



feels very x-men to me


Yes, this picture.



Now I’m really hungry. I think I need food. Some updates, I decided to put the wakeboard purchase on hold (again)! Chris told me it’ll be better if he lend me his board (nothing to complain since it’s a ronix ONE:D) since he won’t be wakeboarding for awhile. Alritie mate, I think that’s a good suggestion. I’ll get mine in time to come when I decide to do cable a little more seriously.








Kek Sim


Yes, I’ve been posting alot of happy/gossipy stuff. Today, let me just sit back for awhile and think, besides all the happy things that are going on…


When my mum was young, she’d sometimes grandma sighing. She’ll ask her why. Grandma told her, she’s “kek sim” (I don’t know how to do a good translation, but those in the hokkien/teochew dialect group should know the meaning). Mum asked, what is “kek sim”. She said, when you grow older, you’ll know. Grandma died young (before I was born).


Mum told me the same thing when I was younger. I often wonder why and what makes someone “kek sim”. Either by chance or by choice or perhaps a combination of both, I finally found out. Now I understood, why grandma died young. She was not happy.