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Band of brothers

You know the gatecrash is going to be awesome when the groomsmen arrive all blown up.

A touch of grey

I love grey walls, especially when paired with white. With great light coming through the windows, I can’t ask for a better setting.

Veiling of the bride

There are times where light is so good, you just snap. I meant, press the button and everything will turn out fine.

So I was saying… I got a longboard. I have also discovered a magical place and it is called the wet market. The magical road leading to this magical place is called a park connector and it is an awesome place to ride early in the morning. I longboard to the wet market to get my groceries and as my friend said, that’s a new level of hipsterness even though I have none of those hipster fashion sense.

Kids at weddings

Kids and weddings are like an item. You see them at most weddings decked like a miniature version of the couple. Sometimes, I get to catch them in their moments. But more often that not, I will need to spend time building up some rapport. I don’t know what they see in me, but I seem to have a way with kids. This is one of the weddings that I manage to capture more than just a handful of photos of just ONE kid. You would agree that he is one expressive boy.

Children Room: Why are you in my room?

Low five through the glass.

Ok, since there’s so many people watching, let’s make a run for it!

My champagne bottle

Because sitting on the chair is too mainstream.

What a charmer.

The Cathedral

Got a longboard yesterday and am ultra happy with my ride this morning. Seeing the big picture sometimes yield different results. Here’s one example.

Double Happiness

Happy Long weekend people! And for the ones celebrating, Happy Easter!:D


Vintage seems to be all the rave right now (or maybe 2 years ago). Some have to recreate them, some live right in the middle of it. The house reminds me of my old rented place at Tai Hwan Close. Except instead of being black and white, it’s in my favorite combination of white, brown and green. When the morning light hits, I wish I could spend my entire morning shooting there.

A picture

While scrolling through thousands of images, certain images will stop me. I can’t quite explain why, but I stopped at this, so I decided to post it. Something subtle in those expressions tell me things that I cannot explain in words.

In other news, dive trip coming up although the last trip’s images are still buried under a few thousand other images. Maybe a backpacking (read: hardship) trip to Norway/Iceland. Oh… I sold my Fuji Xpro-1 recently and now I’m looking at something much simpler, namely the Canon G1x mark II. Tried it at Canon’s showroom at Vivocity couple of days back and I quite like the feel of it. Will update if I get it.

Jacyn with her parents after veiling.