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table-2-table photos?


What do you do when people ask for table-to-table group photos? I’ve got a good example here:P


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The wait is over


The boys (Kenji and Kago) came knocking on my door this morning once they heard the sounds of my mouse clicks. I thought it’s pretty unusual because I just fed them last night and I’m very sure they won’t be hungry that early in the morning. So I decided to check it out, they might have found some new leads after a whole night of searching. When I got to the kitchen, nothing there, no dead bodies, no dismembered parts. Then these smarties looked up the window grills and started barking. And there I saw it… the elusive one. It’s huge, body length about 6-7 inches.


Since it has appeared, I have to do something. So, I looked around, noticed something the dogs did that I thought was pretty darn smart. They actually dragged a pole into the house, hoping to use it to bring down the rat. Man, how smart is that? Although I think they “have the will, but don’t have the physical strength” (just like what my housemate said):P Anyway, I looked around and decided to stuff up the area around the fridge with newspapers first, in case he runs in there again. Then I decided to leave the backdoor open for it to escape. Next, I ushered the boys to the living room and lock them out there… I don’t want to witness bloodshed, not today. Lastly, I took this shot :)


Then, the supposedly easy “free the rat” operation became a little frustrating. When I started to nudge the fella, it moved down to it’s position (shown in the photo), then it did the unimaginable, it pee-ed!!! I cursed and swore. Here I’m trying to free you and you make my life difficult. Anyway, after a while, it jumped onto the kitchen floor and scurried to the backyard. I hope he left this place and go tell his friends, don’t ever come back cause the boys will be waiting.


The boys did well. Commendable effort. Shall bring them to the beach one of these days:)



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Smelled a rat


A couple of days back, my housemate woke up and found a dead rat in the kitchen and the two dogs happily standing beside their kill, waiting to be praised. Well, they did get their rewards as he was very pleased with their performance. Good thing he cleaned up after that.


After that incident, they seem to develop an extra sharp sense for rats (or have they been around all these while?). From yesterday, they have been trying to sniff something out from the fridge and the drain. While the maid was cleaning today, she said she heard noises coming from the fridge, so I supposed, the dogs must be right. Now the problem is, how do I lure the rat out? It’s not stupid, it knows that the dogs are waiting to pounce on it. I just don’t want it to starve and die inside, neither do I want to clear the dead body if they catch it. I think I’ll fence out the boys tomorrow for a couple of hours and hope that the rat will make it’s escape and never to return again, preferably go tell his/her friends that our place has no food and is freaking dangerous with two mean looking guards.



King of the…





This was taken in Bali, at Titiles (shop famous for pork floss), Denpasar sometime back in Oct 2006. These large cats were kept in metal cages and it’s one of the so-called “attractions”. Among others are snakes, exotic fishes, tortoises and birds. You can stand really close to these huge animals, and yes, they are HUGE!! Did the unthinkable, I put my handphone very near to the cage and took these images. Nothing compared to the caretaker, who hand fed these big cats…


Anyway, the lion look really sad. What happened to the King of the Jungle?


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In case you are wondering…


Besides spending abit of well deserved private time with the TV, I’ve also been digging up all the wedding photos from my first shoot till now (yes, it’s been a while…). Picking out some of my favorite photos and categorizing them. Man, this task alone take DAYS!!! (ok, granted, some days I work less harder). So now I’m done, a portfolio folder with hundreds of images, what’s next? Re-edit? O c’mon… I’m just going to pick out some that I’ll be putting up on the new website (yes!! new!!). Ok lah, the overall design is still going to be more or less the same… except for some new photos (been awhile ya?:P).


Let me see… *takes out calender*… 1st November then, new website launch! First 10 to visit the website will… be the first 10 to see the new site…duh! 😛




When lightning strikes…


… it means break time for me. That’s because I’m always phobic about blackouts due to lightning strikes when I’m working on the computer. First, it means data lost (even though I’ve installed UPS, but still… be on the safe side. More importantly, it means weather is going to be cool, so it’s time to take a nap. With thunderstorms dominating the weather charts over the past week, I’ve been, spending alot of time in front of TV instead.


I realized that History/Discovery/NGeo Channels are showing some really kick ass documentaries during the afternoon segments. So much so that I’ve stopped tuning to sports for almost a week (except for the Brazilian F1). Some of the interesting titles that I’ve watched over the week.


– Secrets of the black box: KAL007

1983, at the height of the cold war, Korean Airlines KAL007 flew into Russian airspace and got shot down by Russian interceptors. The brief description is enough to glue me on to the TV screen for a good 2 hours.


– Last flight to Kuwait: BA149

Just hours before Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, British Airways BA149, carrying suspected British covet operations members flew into the warzone, even though they should’ve been informed of the war mid air. That fateful flight left hundreds of civillian passengers stranded in Kuwait, held hostage by Saddam’s regime.


– Aloha flight (can’t remember the exact title)

Midway through the flight, the part of the fuselage broke off, immediately ejecting 1 air stewardess. The pilots managed to land flight safely. Picture this, the aircraft becomes a convertible, how scary is that? Now, there’s a reason when they announce, “the seatbelts signs are now off, however we advise passengers to keep their seatbelts on at all times…”.




07 07 07 – how did your wedding go?


This was how theirs went… was just browsing on youtube and chanced upon this video. This one’s really funny! Simply love it! Be sure to watch till the end, it’s brilliant!




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Another happy beginning!:)


Ron, the shutterbug and his long time girlfriend, Serene just tied the knot, or as the paster say, solemnized today. I was honoured to be invited to his small and intimate solemnization at One (degree) 15 at Sentosa Cove. Man, that place is beautiful. The whole place was nicely decorated with a very relaxed atmosphere, not cluttered, plenty use of space. Somehow, that reminds me about his photography:)


With me was Ead and Heng (who was… erm LATE!! yes!! you ARE LATE!!:P hehehe). There I met fellow LJ-er Daniel aka Silver-CRV and his wife Judy as well. Eh, they didn’t bring baby Edgar! Ron and Serene were dressed very casually, Ron especially in berms. And believe it or not, we took GROUP photos!! woohoo!!:) It was really funny as most of us probably would frown when asked to take group photos during assignments, but there we were… smiling at the camera. But of course, it’s all with our own cameras. Mine was the state of the art two-point-one-mega-pixel SONY ERICSSON W850i mobile phone:) Heng brought is newly acquired G9 while Ead got his under utilized GX100. But we found ourselves shooting in video mode instead.


During the ceremony, after they kissed, the photographer (Ron’s friend) signalled to Ron to do it once more. As he reached out, the pastor stopped him and said, “only first one is free”. That’s damn funny.


Overall, it’s a great party, I love it. Small and cosy. Food was great, champagne was fab! And the cupcakes… woohoo!!:) K guys, I know I took a fair bit, but what to do… I just wish I could lick the colourful toppings off those little cupcakes. Yum yum.


To the lovebirds, Congrats and enjoy your holidays! Catch up with you guys real soon!:)