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“Every wedding, you will see this, without fail!”

That’s what David from Livestudios exclaimed when we saw kids picking up confetti on last Sunday’s wedding. I agreed with him and said that confetti attract kids and it’s probably a good sign for ‘早生贵子’. So yes, if you want kids, go with confetti (yes, I made this up, but traditions have to start somewhere:D). This was from another wedding that I shot earlier last month and the patterns on the carpet works nicely on this one.

Moments that work for me

“blog”, “blog”, “blog”. These are reminders that flood my phone almost every other day. If only they made an app where ‘dismiss’ was not an option, this blog would see more posts. But hey, last week was incredibly busy for me and I had alot on my hands and my mind. I wished I could say the same for my bank:D Anyway, I’m back to my blogging routine again.

I was going through alot of my images recently and I found myself attracted to this particular set of images and I picked a few that I really like to share here. Some beautiful and memorable moments from Mervyn and Ruohui’s wedding.

I was supposed to take a quick family portrait for them before the groom arrive. Honestly, I can’t remember what I said, but their reaction tells me, it does not matter.

The look.

Memories of instant gratification.

The reason why Windows rock!:P Only geeks get this.

That smile. Like a leaf.

This kid was all over the place. No, I don’t want the grapes, but thanks for being awesome!

A tender moment between father and daughter (bride’s sister). Emotions tend to run high at a wedding.

Tired shoes.


Being an observer and leaving people to do what they want without being part of the conversation. People watching is a real joy.

While I people watch, I form little shapes in my head. In the case, the pair of hands  and the stretched leg as an anchor.