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Spring cleaning

This is the first time in my life I felt spring in Singapore. The weather has been wonderful for the past 2 weeks. After clearing the last bit of work today, I will have to spend the whole of tomorrow doing my spring cleaning and also getting afew pieces of new clothing. I can’t remember when was the last time I bought new clothes and so I think it’s about time refresh the wardrobe. Speaking of Spring, we have not seen any rain for the past 2-3 weeks too. The tell tale sign is the amount of dust on my eco-friendly (the kind that doesn’t need to be washed) car. My dad dusted his hand after opening my car boot the other day and I think that says alot.

Here’s one from the last wedding I’m working on before welcoming the Lunar New Year.

Perfect conditions

In the midst of all that train breakdowns, fare increases, slack immigration and rich banker’s comments… did we notice that the weather has been almost perfect for the past few weeks? Someone was telling me that such weather usually lasts about 10 days a year before CNY (not that I have ever noticed it) but have extended this year. No one’s complaining, but very few people are talking about it. Anyway, I was thinking if this is the kind of weather we get all year round, wouldn’t Singapore be one of the best places to live in? Well, at least for those of us stuck here, it’ll be somewhat of a consolation isn’t it?:D

Anyway, this is an image from a wedding I shot 2 months back.

if you are happy and you know it

Two days ago I had to go back to camp for my annual FFI review. For those who have no idea what FFI means, it’s a medical review for NS men with certain vintage qualities. They finally cleared me after making me go through the treadmill test twice at the hospital. It was mixed news for me because one part of me hoped they would fail me so I do not have to take my last IPPT before I go into MR, but another part of me really hope that there was nothing wrong with my health. After all that drama with ambulances and ER, the conclusion was, abnormal is the new normal for me and life rocks on. But since fate had it that I will have to take this last IPPT, I am setting my sights on gold this time round. It’s been awhile since I got that. I have two months to get ready and I am looking forward to this. If you can’t avoid it, make the best out of it. *hopeful*

So here’s a picture that reflects my mood.

Watching each other’s back

Recently I have been doing a few rounds of 2nd shooting for fellow photographers. In layman terms, I cover what the main photographer wants me to cover (eg. group photos, alternative angles, etc). Besides that, I usually have free reign of what I want to shoot and how I want to shoot. I found it liberating that I am no longer stressed over the kind of images I need to deliver. The biggest lesson I learned is not about the interesting angles that I can get as a 2nd shooter or the fact that I do not have so much things on hand to worry about because it was a pretty task based assignment (once I get the shot they want, I’m free to do what I want). It was the pace. I found the pace that I wanted and I missed so much. The kind of pace that allows me to think and see more than react. I know I am already looking forward to my next shoot.

I can forsee myself doing more of these 2nd shooting assignments to fine tune and rediscover new things in wedding photography. Thanks to the folks who have opened up opportunities for me so far. It has been a great learning experience, not forgetting great company. While two photographers on an assignment doesn’t mean it’s better than one, one thing for sure, it’s definitely not as lonely.

CNY crunch time

Its the time of the year that almost every wedding photographer dread; the weeks leading up to the Lunar New Year. This is especially so when the new year falls in January. That gives us lesser time to finish the year end jobs. That said, it’s always better to be a little patient than get rushed work. There’s CNY every year.

Anyway, here’s something to share before I continue my butt warming routine.

Beautiful things in life

It’s been a pretty busy 2014 so far. Besides my living my ‘secret life of a wedding photographer’ (which just mean getting stuck in front of the computer), I did some changes to the way I work (behind the computer). Trying to cut down on bulky computers and making my workstation a little more mobile now. I love the idea that I can work anywhere in the house and not just getting stuck in my office desk. Looking forward to the change after CNY.

I found this video on facebook and thought I would share it here. Not Man vs Wild, but Man + Wild. Beautiful isn’t it? I always found instances of man being able to connect with the wild amazing. You don’t have to share a common language to connect.

Blue Monday

Last night a taxi ran into my car at the driveway of the hotel while I was leaving. It registered a few scratches as it under steered while speeding into a wet driveway. For some reason, I wasn’t really pissed. After a brief inspection and apology from the driver, I told him it’s ok and we parted ways. As I age, certain things become less important and I start to lose that feeling of possessiveness over them. Personally I found it liberating. It feels good to spend more time doing something I enjoy than worrying about something I possess.

Just one of those Monday thoughts even though it’s early Tuesday now.

Here’s one my favourite Monday songs:D