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The first move

I have decided I’m not going to wait for everything to be ready before I move in. Come Thursday, I will move my office to the new place. Internet should be up some time later this week (I’ve already went beyond my 4G limits). I’m looking forward for things to be more or less settle by next week. Exciting times ahead:D I’ll talk a little more about the show at Alkaff Mansion later in the week. It’s was awesome and we had a lot of fun.

Here’s one from earlier last month. Sometimes, we experiment. I love this one.

Don’t be square

I so want to steal these lamps for my place.


I admit, I got a little too engrossed with the pretty light that evening that I nearly missed the sunset timing. We rushed down to the beach with me screaming instructions in my mind (but the voice came out relatively calm). I was quite surprised to see the salted egg yolk since it was partially cloudy. Salted egg yolk aside, I really like this one with a splash of color.

Yesterday, the painting folks came over and did a re-coat of my place. I have to say Dulux Light and Space work wonders. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably would know that I prefer clean lines and rather muted colors. So it’s no surprise that I picked rather muted colors for my walls as well. A tinge of blue and grey here and there, otherwise, it’s almost off white all around. I’m hoping to move my office in next week.


Having adult moments. The fragile sticker complete the look.

Few more days before my new place gets cleaned up. I pray nothing gets screwed up. Personality revelations aside, I was shooting at Marina Barrage yesterday and for the first time ever, we were the only people shooting wedding portraits there. Usually, we’ll see at least 3-4 couples, today’s perfect weather, we saw none. I wasn’t complaining, just wished the afternoon wasn’t that hot. Lost a few liters of water while wading through the heat waves. It’s funny when I’m sweating buckets and telling my client, chill, keep cool…

Curves in all the right places

One of the reasons why I love Capella is because they have curves in all the right places. The lines are straight and the curves are well thought out.

Remember I said something about a Wedding Show? I don’t usually participate, but hey, it’s Heaven’s Gift‘s show this time round. We have known each other since we entered the industry (in fact I met Hannah on a wedding show in 2005) and they have been inspiring with both their creativity, boldness and work ethics. It’s been a pleasure working with them for a number of years now and finally a chance to part of the same show. Here’s a short write up about me by the folks at Heaven’s Gift and the link to the show. There are some little discounts given to participants, so check it out if you are getting married soon!:)

Marriage is…

…being in it together behind beautiful lines.

Today, I looked at my messy new place with tons of boxes strewn all over the place. Those are my possessions, so many of them. Now, I’m putting up at my dad’s place with 2 laptops, 2 monitors, 1 computer, 3 40 x 40 cm boxes of camera equipments, 2 camera bags and 1 backpack full of clothing. My life didn’t miss a beat. I’m beginning to wonder, do I really need those things in the new place. Alot of them are memories, little pieces of my life collected over the years. I shall go through them again when I have time. So I know, besides being OCD, I am also a Hoarder.


Lines Lines many Lines

I love lines, spaces, symmetry and clean surroundings. I got all the symptoms of someone suffering from OCD. I don’t seek perfection, I just want lines that are supposed to be straight, to be straight. And sometimes, this is just so hard to achieve.  I can live with alot of other imperfections, but lines… you better be straight. Honestly, I think I’m turning out to be a Houzilla. Lol. The little things I discover about myself everyday.