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Converging elements

I like the different elements in this image and how they end up converging towards each other.

A hand gesture

Not everyone hug their parents. I don’t. I mean, I would hug Megan Fox, Natalie Portman… and some others, you get my point. Sometimes, a little reassuring hand gesture says everything, even though they might be distracted by things happening around them.


Deliciously framed.

The sun rises in the east

“The sun rises in the East”. That’s what I was taught and accepted it (I mean, who really tracks the sun’s direction). But soon, I found out that when they mention East, it wasn’t the absolute East. While I was growing sunflowers in my parent’s home many years back, I began to notice the direction of the sun because sunflower tend to follow the direction of the sun. I realized that over the span of the year, the sun’s direction can deviate quite a a bit, although it’s still generally in the direction of the East. When it comes to photography, this makes alot of difference if we rely on available light. This is especially so while shooting landscapes, architecture, etc.

While shooting Glenn and Christy’s wedding at St Teresa Church, I noticed this ray of light that fell nicely on both their hands during prayers. As a photographer, this is pretty much one of those things that happens once in a blue moon. Right place, right time, right direction.

A good hand

Like the Thai saying, same same but different. That’s how I view pictures of people holding hands. I have a friend who used to be a cashier and saw hundreds of hands a day at work. She told me she had always been fascinated by them and could relate to the hand pictures I took. Although I don’t get to see so many pair of them at work, but I love it when I get a good hand moment. I can’t tell you how, but you know it when you see one. This is one of them.

Final touches

Most people wear their earrings the same way. But some are more special than others. I really like how Ivy did the final touches.

Silent interactions

In my opinion, the beauty of photography is speaks of a moment where things come together. Anything beyond that moment might tell a different story. I love this image of the bride and the grandmother. Honestly, I cannot remember why and how I took this. But moments like that that keeps me on my toes, constantly searching.

Oh yes, Happy Valentine’s Day to those who care. And to those who are on your own, what are you waiting for? Get a beer and blast some Bon Jovi songs!:D

It’s a wrap!

The warm weather is slowly creeping back. With it, something else more sinister, the haze. I just read reports that trans boundary haze might be making a return because of plantation clearing. While the wind is in our favour, but we do not know how long this will last. Being someone who loves natural air than aircon, this is not very good news for me. For now, I just hope for the best. I do not want to be cooped in an aircon environment to do my work.

Speaking of work, the new year break kinda ended and I have been going full throttle on work. Looking through the images below reminded me how I feel whenever I complete a set of images. This were some of the last shots taken for a morning shoot and the second picture was taken when I told them that we are calling it a day. As much as I enjoy shooting, nothing beats going home after a good day out:)