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The Retina Display

vs. the point and shoots. Size does matter here. I have to say, I’m very happy with this shot on many levels:D

Wymen and Yuna

It seems like I’ve been seeing an a fair bit of simple weddings where the folks just want to enjoy the company of  close friends and relatives. And this is usually where the people really make the wedding. Great speeches and no rush to meet timings. I know these are the ones I’d love to attend as a guest and to have as the host.

You can view the slideshow here.

Weixiang and Ivy

A simple and intimate affair.

I like hands and legs. Once in awhile, I like to see them off the ground.

The wedding favours. I got one too for my supper. Cupcakes are great for supper.

up/down: I didn’t know they link up so well until now. That’s Weixiang and his best man waiting for the bride.

You can view the slideshow here.


I like this on so many levels. Something  to start the Monday with.