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Wished you were here…




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Walk in the park


The weather wasn’t really good on the last day of my visit. It was raining all day and the skies a constant grey. After some temple visits, I decided to drop off at the Imperial Palace Park once again to check out the huge weeping cherry blossom tree. Here’s what I found instead:) It’s named 桃林. 






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Sakura – Cherry Blossoms


One of the first sightings of [tag]Sakuras[/tag] in the middle of [tag]Gion[/tag] (the famous Geisha district in [tag]Kyoto[/tag]).








A little recollection of Taipei


Eadwine and Ron waiting for the train, heading for Geelung.


Ron at the traffic lights. I think he got some really nice shots at this junction:)


Serene and Eadwine, while Ron was busy playing with Eadwine’s 80mm, I mean his LEICA 80mm lens.


The key to great photos, put the lens cap on:) – Photo courtesy of Eadwine.


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It’s great to be back again:)

Having said that twice in a month drew some flak from friends who realized that I was out holidaying. Once back in sg, it’s rush hour again. Got home, met up with my bro-in-law, who’s leaving for Sydney in 2 hours time. So I offered to drive him to the airport (again) and had a good chat while getting stuck in a terrible jam on the expressway. Later on, I had dinner with mum and bro’s gf. It’s been a long time since we dined out. Back home, I managed to find some time to watch Fann Wong getting disfigured on screen (ok, the make up artist did a rather convincing job).


And in the most unusual places, I met a former client, Marc. He was one of the cabin crew onboard my flight. Although in my mind, I’m pretty sure it’s him, I didn’t approach him, till he gave me that “hey, are you…” look, then I went, “Marc?”. Sometimes, we meet people in the most amazing places:) After watching the “non video-on-demand” version of Blood Diamond, I went down to the crew area and had a chat with him. And I got a goodie bag full of amenities:) Thanks for that dude!


[tag]Blood Diamond[/tag] is cool… very strong performance by the oscar nominees, love it!:) And… Jennifer Connelly? I think she’s pretty hot. Love that part when they were on the phone.


Self portrait in Kyoto pub


Ok, I’m too tired to write tonight… it’s a long day tomorrow. Here’s just one of the [tag]self portraits[/tag] that I like:)




Camera noise?:P


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Kyoto Fever

After a 5 hour walk out in the cold, I came back with a fever. My legs started to turn wobbly towards the end of the trip. Slept for a good 4 hours before waking up, asking the hotel staff to bring in some panadols. Sleep was pretty disturbed, with me waking up a couple of times to check my mails, read some news, watch some B-grade crap… blah blah blah.


Then this morning, after taking a shower. My friend asked me if I felt the room shaking an hour ago. I said no. Then I was told that there was an [tag]earthquake[/tag] a while ago, which was confirmed later on the news.


Nevermind, about the earthquakes and fever… it’s all over. Going out to soak in Kyoto.


One more thing worth mentioning… the toilet bowl!! woohoo!! Super high tech stuff (maybe I’m suaku… but this thing rocks man!):P I’ll do a demo and post the video soon:P




…The unexpected holiday begins

… and I hope it’ll take away abit of my stress.


Oh yeah, and Ead, thanks in adv for sending me to the airport. And you say… charge by what?:P