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For the people

Since it’s the people’s week this week. Here’s something quite apt:)


The final push

I don’t usually take pictures of make up artists on their own. But I couldn’t resist this one when I saw her shadow on the wall. It’s a little spooky yet funny at the same time. Cleo, the make up artist was packing up while the bride got changed. Today, Cleo announced that she is turning full time after 6 years doing this part time. You know you just have to do it when the shadow tells you so:) Check out her facebook page here.

Kay Yong and Yuet Chia

Ah… it’s 2013. We survived:)

And for some reason, I kept thinking about 2007. This song just came to my mind and it has been repeating since this morning. I used to have this as my ringtone and everytime my phone rings during client meetings, they’ll give me that amused look. Wedding pictures and Teriyaki Boyz… it’s hardly a match. Music, no matter how bad, is still a matter of personal preference. Stay true to yourself.

Here are some images from Kay Yong and Yuet Chia’s wedding. In my little notebook on clients after first meeting, I noted “the guy just keeps smiling”. First impressions last:D Alright, scroll down for the slideshow. Those featured here are the ones I personally like alot.

Using ‘milk powder’ strength.

The bridesmaids led the groom to the wrong room where the bride’s nephews are waiting. See, that’s one more door to collect ang pows (bridesmaids-to-be, please take note).

The old school trade expo games. Now I know why I never win back then.

And here, he has to guess the bride’s gown which he had never seen before.

Kids on sugar.

Adults on sweet tea.

Seriously? lol. Love the expressions.

Between tall people.

See, it’s natural, kids knows where to put their hands when they kiss someone. Then when we grow up… we lost it. It’s ok, we can re-discover:)

You can view the slideshow here.


Unintended, but turned out well:)



Like this, the unscripted ones are often the best. Not everyone is made equal. I know I probably won’t hug my parents, because I’m just not that kind. But it doesn’t matter. What matters most is that you are true to yourself. Don’t hold back your emotions, but don’t fake it just because someone said you should.


Happy New Year!:D