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The lighted and the shadowed

and it’s Merry Christmas to everyone.

Every Christmas (for at least  5 years), I’ll tune in to Band Aid’s Do they know it’s Christmas without fail. Before that, it was Wham’s Last Christmas. Some time in between, I quite like Mariah Carey dressed up as Santarina, so it was All I want for Christmas is you. The evergreen ones were 12 days of Christmas mashups. In fact I kinda like the one by the married men from 91.3 a few years back.  Santarina, can you send me a CD of all my favorite Christmas songs?

The softest light, at Fullerton Hotel.

What a view

When I saw it, I was like… Wah lau eh… huat ah! Did you see it?:D The person who designed this church… obviously had photography in mind. I read you:D

Women and heels

Something I don’t quite understand. Luckily carrying handbags as bridal accessory isn’t in fashion. Think about the possibilities. No wait, don’t even think.

Once in awhile, I come across some really unique ones with brands names that are so long I cannot remember.

Inside Botero

Darence and Ruth

Another rainy day here in sunny Singapore. Alot of wedding images, alot of happy faces, alot of happy people. I met quite a few people during weddings who told me, “I used to follow your blog, but you stopped posting”. I think they are right. So afew weeks ago, I set a repetitive alarm to remind me to post something every week. It’s been working well so far:)

oh my… I love this one.

You can view the slideshow here.

Christmas is near

…when you see Christmas trees (for most people). For me, I know Christmas is near when the work load increases. No, I’m not Santa, but I’m not complaining. Yesterday, they had the Standard Chartered Marathon. Last night, I had my own sleep marathon… being the slower one, I clocked 13 hours. Oh yes, the squid ink pasta at Flutes at the Fort is amazing.