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marry christmas!:D


hole hole hole!!:D



And here goes… my unofficial mascot:)


fat-barrel. we won’t eat you up… unless we’re really hungry:P



going retro…


Taking a break… phew, alot of things to do. Have not packed anything for my Perth trip yet. Reminds me I have to do my laundry:s Oh yes, book accomodation… 😡


I wonder if they’d play this during Zoukout:P Love this!!:D



hello kago!


This is Kago, our resident doorbell/shrill alarm/gym trainer.


The mask…

Kago found it and decided to put it on…


heaven and hell


While I was having my plate of noodles just now, I thought about heaven and hell. Then I wondered what they look like. I remember when I was younger, I asked my mum “where is heaven?” She said, when you are happy, that’s heaven. Later into my teenage years, Belinda Carlisle made the world (that part that has radio) believe that heaven is a place on earth. Tonight, I was thinking about alot of things that I have seen recently, then I thought about heaven and hell again. In short, Hell is when you see, heaven is when you accept. As I grow older, I feel “earth” has changed alot.


I’m not exactly tired, but I’m feeling a little restless. Yes, I’ve done work today, ate well and stayed cheerful. Alot of thoughts, don’t know how to pen it into words. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.



hi! bernate!:D


After a long long shoot yesterday, I felt a little hungry but was too lazy to get food, so I decided to programme myself to fall into a super duper deep sleep. When I woke up at 1130am today… this song hit my head from nowhere… the tune was the same, but the lyrics sounded a little different… “the first meal is the hardest…” Can’t quite remember my last proper breakfast.



Darren and Peng Tzee


Another pretty wedding done up by Heaven’s Gift. Because Darren and Peng Tzee are based overseas, I only got to meet Peng Tzee when she visited earlier this year. The first time I met Darren, was when Peng Tzee was walking down the aisle with her two sisters.


Having only 40 guest, we were actually afraid that the night will end early. But thanks to Hsin Yeow from a little dream, he managed to convince the couple up to the dancefloor for a number. I can’t remember what happened next… woke up next morning with a blister on my finger and tons of  dancing images:D





Love this retro stuff!!:) I don’t know what happened over the past 15 years, but chinese used to be coooooooooool!:D I’m want a moustache!!