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Note to self

Talk less, shoot more.

A scheduled post

Remember, write something here.

Edit: I forgot.

Post Lunar New Year

Now that Lunar New Year is over, work is picking up pace again. After all that festive food and potato couching, I found it hard to get back at times. The exercise regime was gone too and I’ve become somewhat a geek again. This time round having sleepless nights with my android phone (yes yes, I don’t use any apple products, including my computers… be surprised, very surprised). Now that the phone is more or less settled, I’ll need to kick in my skateboarding regime, wakeboarding and probably something else to sweat it out a little. The couch is getting abit too comfy for my liking. I am old, but never too old!

Now, here’s a set of images taken earlier this month. We didn’t get our promised sun, but we didn’t sweat much either:) Probably one of the most comfortable shoot ever. You can hug without feeling sticky!


and very sleepy at 1252am.


Well, not exactly a 榕树, but a tree by the roadside nonetheless:D Need to youtube that song now now now!



The weather favors the Z monster. Need some food and a nap.