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Time stood still

Time stood still when this image was captured.

If only I have that kind of control over time in life. One thing I learned in life is, never (or try not to) plan for things like, ‘I will do this when I have time’. Because chances are, you will never have that time. Anyway, how is this World Cup season treating you?:)

Recce and city scoot-about

It’s been awhile since I last did a recce on locations. I took the afternoon off and went off the parks with my Xootr. It was quite a workout but I had to burn off that two plates of char kway teow from Beach road:D Anyway, I decided to roam around the bay area since I had my Xootr with me and the terrain is pretty flat. Here are two images from the scoot-about:)

Cuts like a knife. But silly me, missed the tip by a little.

The heart of the city – what lies beneath.