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Oct/Nov Bali Day four: Fast and Furious

Had a rather good night’s sleep at Mutiara Villas at Nusa Lembongan. The entire restaurant had only one set of cutleries prepared on the table, which convinced me that I am indeed the only guest in the house! I very much prefer Tanis Villas which I stayed in the last time round.

The day’s dives were alright, nothing quite worth the photography effort as both were drift dives. First at Pat, second at SD. Nothing quite as fast as Lembongan point which we did yesterday, but still an effortless drift through the reefs.

Checked back at Kuta because of some logistics mix up on the dive center’s part. It’s ok, as long I get my internet access. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading Seraya and Coral garden at Tulamben after some recommendation by a fellow diver. Let’s hope we get something good tomorrow.

Here are some images I got today.

A lone surfer catching the morning waves at Nusa Lembongan against the backdrop of Mount Agung.

That’s approxmately 40m worth of bubbles.

Oct/Nov Bali Day three: Murky Manta

The night’s sleep wasn’t too good. Dozed off in front of my computer before waking at at 3am in the morning to have my stuff packed and got my gears ready. Managed to nap another 2 more hours before the day began. I took a little time off to take some pictures of the resort villa again under the much softer morning light. That way, I was able to get a proper reflection off the pool.

The guys from Pro Dive Bali picked me up and together with a group of spanish divers, we headed towards Nusa Penida. Water conditions were good, nothing like that rogue waves we encountered the last time round.

The trip there was pretty quiet for me as I literally concussed at the back of the boat from the lack of sleep. Once on site, we wasted no time to get into the water, only to find ourselves immersed in murky green water. Visibility was at best 5 meters.

The thing about low visibility was thaat everything seem to happen very quickly. The huge manta rays literally appear out of nowhere right in front of me, often catching me by surprise. Nonetheless, it was still a good dive.

After lunch, we headed towards Lembongan point for some kickass drift diving. The current was nice, fast and predictable. There was hardly any way I could stop to take any pictures, so I did some videos instead. Looks like fast and furious underwater. I will have to wait till I get back to Singapore before I can post them up. It’s quite an amazing dive I thought.. .

By the time I reached the resort, I was totally spent. Took a shower, had a quick snack and napped for a good 3 hours before waking up for dinner again. And I seem to be the only occupant in the entire resort. No kidding. I wonder why.

Here are some images from the day.

Reflection of the villa.

The small cottage that I actually booked, but 2 of them were being renovated and were not updated on the website.

I really love the cottage by the pool. But I’m not complaining about the upgrade:)

The only pair of mantas on this trip. They seem to be larger than the ones I’ve seen the last time round.

They appeared right before me from nowhere, crossing my path as I struggled to get both in frame and in focus.

At times, they’ll come straight at the divers.

Snorklers hovering on top of the cleaning station. I wonder how’s the view up there.

The white stripe of bubbles were formed by the waves which crashed against the cliff.

Out of town notice 27th october – 4th november 2009

To my dear clients and friends. I am currently in Bali for visiting (Mantas, mozzies and a few others). Please drop me an email and I will reply you as soon I get internet access like now. Thank you for your patience and watch this space:)

Oct/Nov Bali day one and two: upgraded

If you are folllowing me on twitter or on my facebook, you probably know the mad rush I was in before leaving for this trip. Only packed 30mins before I left home. Dive gears, cameras, clothing, chargers, laptop… etc. The only thing I forgot was an extra bag to carry my camera around. But that’s not a big deal since I don’t think I’ll be doing much walking around except probably the last day or so.

The flight was a breeze. Slept most of the time and woke up only to find the plane appoaching the runway at unusually fast speed. I really thought there was something wrong. My heart dropped a little, the rest of the body was intact. lol. Everything seem to go well this time round, immigration, taxis, etc.

Took a short taxi ride to Villa Seminyak Estate and Spa which I booked 2 hours before leaving home (talk about being last minute). The guy at the reception asked me if I was with friends, I said no, I’m alone. He looked shocked. I thought… “what the hell… can’t come alone is it?”. Then he explained that the small hut by the pool I booked was under renovation and wasn’t updated on the website, so they “upgraded” me to a villa. Actually, I wasn’t too happy because I really wanted to stay by the pool. When he opened the door to the villa, it was my turn to get a shock. I counted 50 steps to reach my room. The best part about the villa… free wireless internet access (ok, it’s not starhub nor singtel, but at least it gets me online). I know it’s very lame, but I know I’m going to be deprived of internet for the next 5 days, let me just have a little bit more. Here are some images of the villa (you can check out their website at

Ordered some late night nasi goreng while filling the bathtub in the humongous bathroom (it’s about the same size as my bedroom in Singapore, although it’s quite empty). A good start for the trip I hope.

Woke up really late the next day. Only in time for a morning dip at the pool before heading for breakfast right before closing. I have to say the villa is not for people who have to sleep in complete darkness. Because of the light from the top windows, the place will be brightly lit riht after sunrise, which in Bali, is abot 6am. Fortunately, I have no such problems. I can sleep under spotlights.

Met Edward from Launch 2002 wakeboard school for lunch. I always thought I was alone in Bali island. Kinda crazy to meet people I know here. Then I had coffee with Hannah from Heaven’s Gift and her designer. They were here on a business trip. Booked my dive trip and back to hotel again. Checked my dive equipments and mucked around in the pool. It was fun, very fun. As tradition goes… a self portrait at the beginning of every trip:D my nose was like a leaking tap after the shoot.


Reminds me that mornings are beautiful.


Because of the Bali trip tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight. I’m so going to sleep through the flight. Love the framing of this:D


seeing double

I’m working so hard now I’m seeing double. Oh but that’s real:D Alritie, way past bedtime now. Midweek already!! Still got much to do, but really looking forward to Kevin and Evelyn’s wedding this weekend. Plus meeting some really nice couples:D