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Eye power

Sometimes, we meet extraordinary folks.

Image Makers

Very often, we look overseas for inspiration, but I think it’s time to look within our little island to see the people who have been working quietly to bring the best in image making. Support local photographers. We do have a very talented pool of local photographers willing to share their knowledge. Check them out at Image Makers and make a contribution if you can:)

Un-seeing a memory

Afew days back, the tilers came to my place to fix some tiles that were taken off to repair a leak. After inspecting the works, I gave them a thumbs up and said it was so well done I can’t even tell it’s been taken off before. The levels are straight, the edges and grouting were perfectly spaced. The tiler then said he could tell it’s been reworked and before he went on to tell me how to ‘see’ it, I told him to stop. Then both of us laughed and agreed that I shouldn’t learn how to ‘see’ it because there is no way to ‘un-see’ if after that.

That incident reminded me of some of the images that I took that I felt left a deep impression in me. Some photos tell me more beyond what a viewer can see, because I experienced it the moment I pressed the button. At times, that experience makes the image alot more memorable in the photographer’s heart. When I took this photo, the MC was preparing to invite the father of the bride on stage for his speech. At that very point in time, he said the groom has a striking resemblance to  his father-in-law. At this very moment, the slideshow which was ongoing for awhile flashed an image of the groom and his father-in-law turned his head for a perfect silhouette. I can remember the moment it flashed, I went ‘woah!’ I know this little piece of memory will always come back whenever I see this image. Little things that make me really happy doing what I do.

I saw him standing there

I didn’t put him there, I just happen to see it and it brought out the devil in me, so I took a pic.

With every major project, you get plenty of learning opportunities. Even before staying in it, the new place had provided me tons of learning opportunities,  from housing rules, renovation considerations like color perception of paint, flooring usability, lighting temperature/intensity, down to the little bits like how to drill a hole on concrete, partition and metal. Small essential items like self tapping screw, nail plugs, wall plugs, butterfly plugs. Everytime I walk into the hardware shop, I feel like buying something to fix anything. I just have this urge to drill a hole, paint a wall or fix a piece of furniture. And I have not even talked about electronics. I think this is the new house phase.

The moment the veil escapes the hand

I don’t know what that means and I’m not going to make up something to explain it. But I like the moment somehow. It’s just like how you see something you like but you can’t explain it. Sometimes you know you don’t know why you like something, but you make up something so that you can explain to people around you so you do not look stupid for not knowing why you like it. Oh I know I do that sometimes (not alot, but I did). But then, as my hair grew lesser, I decided that I don’t have to explain myself so much. I just need to learn how to like things that I don’t know why and stop trying to find out why. Because they say ignorance is bliss:)

Ah… what an awesome night rant:D (because I typed this last night)

Oh, but the reason why I shot this was because the light was awesome and I know I can make it into something I like:)

Happy Long Weekend people!

Go out and erm… roll in the hay! I’ll explain that in the next post. My clients are so funny it doesn’t matter if it rain or shine.

Pretty in pink

The light came at the right time. I have to admit we nearly missed it. Sometimes, when you see me walking quickly and telling you… “it’s ok, we are on time… the light is gorgeous, let’s catch it”, it actually means… “i hope the light doesn’t run out. if you don’t run with me now, we’re screwed”.

Justin and Huiwen

The office is finally up (at least the back end of it)! So I’m trying to do some work in this new environment, trying to figure out how the light plays out in the day and also the air flow since I’m not exactly a big fan of using my own aircon (because I’m ngeow like that). Bought myself a new long white work top. I love white! It looks pretty awesome against oak grained flooring and a grey blue wall. After renting for years, I finally have a say in the color of the walls.

I was also told that some of my readers feel very cheated when they saw a pic on my facebook page and followed the link only to find out that there’s really only ONE pic. What were you expecting?:P Anyway, here’s a longer post:) Don’t grumble and make sure you like the post ok. That’s when you will TMH:D

I’m a sucker for 若影若线 images. As my friend used to say, “sometimes can see, sometimes cannot see”.

This one is interesting. When I sent this image to Justin as a preview, he sent the pic back, circling the part of the bench right below his left hand with a comment “beer?” It’s true, both of us can never see the image the same way again.