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total eclipse of the sunset

i will follow you into the dark


untitled again

It’s been a good day. Worked so hard I forgot breakfast, lunch… and I’m heading back home for dinner. If I keep up with this pace, I will be a very happy man by new year’s day:)

And yeah, congrats again Gerald and Lydia:D See you guys around if I find time to hit the waters.

eight thirty seven

is the time i woke up. had 2 half boiled eggs, half a glass of chocolate milk and a few images to start the morning. before i know it, morning’s over. hello sunday. i love sundays, because i know, tomorrow is monday:D

i am…

…the hardest known material in the world. highly priced and very often, draw tears from both the giver and the receiver. make girls wow over them during weddings, while their partners excuse themselves for extended toilet breaks. sparkles under light, lights up people’s eyes, sometimes scratches car doors… i am a rock.