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A moment between KaiQi and her mum.

Sometimes, moments like this happen in a split second. I like such moments. They are not obvious and are open to interpretation.


i feel it, but i have no words for it.

Hand in Marriage

Father of the Bride Gives her Hand in Marriage. Although in this case, the hand does not belong to the father. But I found the picture conveyed the same meaning with the reflection of the bride’s father. I like both their expressions as well.

Last night, my tire ran flat and while struggling with the change (the last time I did it was 9 years ago), an Indian national came to my rescue and managed to finish the job in 10 mins. A helping hand in times of need. Can’t tell you how grateful I was. Just want to blog about this so I will remember it. Thank you Muruk.

The world we live in

A juvenile frogfish. We picked up the wrapper next to it and used it as a background. The idea came about when I took a picture of a Pedaflap and it had a wrapper right beside it. I thought it would be a nice message. The frogfish was untouched.

If you dive, you will be able to relate to this (especially if you do a fair bit of muck diving) and probably identify the orange juvenile frogfish. This scene is more common than we think. Awhile ago, I was reading up on the Pacific garbage patch and I think if we see what is underneath the surface, the patch is closer than we think.


One of the prettiest shrimps underwater. This one is really tiny, maybe a centimeter and the half.

Getting ready

One of my favorite parts of the wedding is when the behind the scenes where people get ready for the event. You can feel the atmosphere building up and generally people going through a range of emotions. I love this one from Lijing and Debra’s wedding.

Back to Singapore

I love traveling. But I love my home too. Every homecoming from a trip always evoke a feeling of anticipation and sense of belonging. I look forward to doing up the laundry, cleaning up the house, replying emails (not all, but most) and just the feeling of coming back into the arms of someone familiar. Feeling energized and inspired after the trip, so let the work begin:)

Here’s a shot I really like from Benny and Ginny’s wedding.

An unplugged week

It’s been almost a week of scrappy internet access on the island of Ambon. The microwave signals were severely hampered by cloudy skies and rainy weather in the evenings. On our very last day, the skies cleared up and with that, we witnessed a moon rise from the water horizon. It was a pretty awesome sight. That was when I realized the skies are really clear and the tide was incredibly low. I decided that I should take the land pictures that I have been waiting for all week. This huge tree trunk was washed down from the hills, down the river and somehow ended up on the beach of the resort. It had since became a favorite photography spot for visitors.

This week had been pretty awesome with great dives, great company and life pretty much unplugged. But like all awesome holidays, it comes with some unexpected and ‘memorable’ experiences as well. Got seasick once, puked like mad. Housing flooded twice (thankfully I surfaced before things got really bad and found out the culprit was a faulty dome port). Jellyfish stings (oh, those things are really beautiful… and as with beautiful things, keep a distance). Camera shutter kind of died, so I had to wait about 10-15 seconds between shots for the error message to clear. It’s a real pain but I learned to slow down and pick my shot instead of spraying. On some dives, at depths below 15m, some of the buttons on the camera refused to work for some reason. So it was like shooting manual on film because the playback button and focus button didn’t work. Despite all these, it was still an awesome trip.

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