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Bride and groom was slowly fading into the background. I was watching them… quietly sneaking out of the dinner venue. So I decided to follow them as they headed for the dark carpark. Just as I thought maybe I should leave them alone *lol*. They started embracing… and did a little dance! That was so sweet.

to suck or not to

The regular la-la for the weekend. If you find the title offensive, then you are right, it may turn out a little offensive if you want to interprete it that way:)

I was talking to a friend and had a little discussion about “positive criticism”. Everything sounds good till this,

me: you know if you want to criticize, it’ll be good to provide some form of solution. Not just say “you suck” and stop there. Doesn’t make people feel good.

x: yeah, that’s right. Like, “how not to suck so much”.

me: ?!?! or like, “how to suck better?”

(ok, I’m stopping here… you can figure out the rest of the variations on your own)

Man, I wonder what’s in my brain. I believe it’s full of crap… but if it’s making me happy… so be it:D

wrapping up the aftermath

I am a wedding photographer. I take photographs during a wedding. I always feel like I’m part of it, part of the celebrations. It feels really nice there and then. I liken it to drinking alcohol. Don’t you just love that feeling of being high and carefree? That’s exactly the same kind of feeling I get everything I’m on the job. That is perhaps the reason why it’s impossible to stop me from shooting once I start. And that is where I get all drunk in that ‘love is all around’ atmosphere.

After the wedding last night, I went home feeling all emo and out of sorts. Not the best feeling really. Even though it was an awesome wedding. Lots of love, lots of emotions, surreal and almost like a dream come true for everyone who attended. Love every single moment of it. Perhaps too real. Getting married is like a being accepted from a prestigious school. As with the latter, for every one that graduated, there are hundreds that didn’t make it. To those that didn’t make it, my heart is with you. To those whom I wtiness success, I’m happy to be part of your dream.

But eh eh! I felt I have to do something about it. So I popped in Damien and Jean’s wedding DVD and blast the music from Mika! Now we’re ready to rock the weekend again!:D

Some techbits for the techeads.

Photoshop CS4 64bit is supercharged.

WordPress 2.7x rocks!:D Didn’t know upgrading is so so simple now.

WD Black Caviar Harddisks are not as noisy as reviews claim (maybe I’m deaf). And it feels zippy… all 4 terabytes of them.

My ipod dock may not be the most expensive, but it gets the job done: put me to sleep.

Alright, I’m really tired today. I’m going to sleep now. Blog you tomorrow!:)

bringing manado home

Six foot across, that’s enough water to satisfy my thirst for diving… before my next trip!:D

…and the two boys provide the sense of scale. Dull boy Kenji! Smile Kenji! Don’t give me that constipated face Kenji! Duh…

end of the shoot

Today I had my first 3-meal day for the longest of time. Can’t remember when was the last time really. Anyway, I hope this will last for awhile. And yeah, my GI-NORMOUS canvas print arrived today. Now I have MANADO in my living room, right above the couch! Feel like putting on my dive gear when I sit on it:P *lol* Ok, I promise, pictures soon!:D

Here’s another one of my fave picture from Sebastian and Eunice’s shoot. Gives me that “end of the world” feel. I think I’m begining to like shooting in the dark:D

Damien and Jean

Before everyone gets weary of waiting, here’s one wedding slideshow for you guys:) If you remember, Damien and Jean did that Matrix vs 100plus shot for pre-wedding. It was my last wedding of 2008 and it was a blast!! What better way to end 2008 than my wish come true. They actually did a Mambo dance sequence for the guests. It was so so so good I wanted to put down my camera and join in:D Everything for the wedding is unique (even the vows! I shall not disclose too much:P). Never quite seen something like that.

Thank you for having me there. It was truly an eye opener.

click play/pause icon to start slideshow

the early rider catches the light

Good rider, butter smooth water… and we’re just waiting for some amazing lighting. It came and stayed for awhile.

There you go Andy:) Land your 3 and I’ll get the videos done:P