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A little bit of help by the wind

Did my first pre-wedding well… trial shoot, just for fun:) Had a long long day with Chris and Jasmine out in the sun… and was duly rewarded with a pretty nice sunset, not to mention the ever so cooperative wind:) Here’s an image from the shoot.




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Few more hours to go before we (Ron, Ms Clover, Ead and me) head for Taipei. I don’t think I’m sleeping much tonight. So much to do, and not a single piece of clothing packed yet. Yes, better check my passport as well.


We had drinks earlier with Ngiap Heng, whom we all have not met for quite some time. Maybe we all should meet up more often. As I said before, photographers should meet up more often:) Sometimes, we grow old faster than we think. Being happy with people with the same passion does help slow down this aging process. I’m taking an hour off my sleep, to think about people around me and how they made a difference to my life.



The value of photography.

Yesterday, I received an email from Hannah. It was a forwarded mail from one of the clients whom I took the wedding photos for. One of the things she said kept coming back to me…


“After a while, your photos are one of the only things you remember from these days and it’s marvellous to have such a beautiful record.”


The value of wedding photography. Finally, someone had it translated into words.


Thank you Nicola and Taufik for the kind words:)


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yeah yeah… you are on candid camera!:)


One of those images that make me laugh while editing:)



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A little conversation


 …before giving the bride away.



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More smiles:)

A shot from Jee Yang and Serene’s wedding. Short and sweet… Love it!:)




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New Year is abit like…

…[tag]Weddings[/tag] sometimes. A little get together with friends and relatives. Sometimes, it’s nice, especially when everyone just falls nicely into the frame, like this:)




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Being a Grandma

Isn’t it fantastic to be a grandmother? I wonder how I behaved in my grandma’s arms last time. I heard I slept everywhere I go… (literally). Still happens now.




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