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What happened to fat-barrel?

Yes, I know I have been a little quiet for someone who’s known to make alot of noise. I was down with fever and cough for almost 2 weeks. Recovering just in time for my trip to Penang. Looking back, I haven’t been in really good health for the past 2 months. Injuries and fever, etc. The bad thing is, I lose time. The good thing is, I get to finish watching all my DVDs (just kidding):P Actually, the illness took time off work and play. So I did practically nothing but laze around (like those of you in the office who are reading this… *bleah*) and slow down a little to think about my work.

Like it or not, I feel inspired after all that in-bed trauma I’ve been put through. Somehow, it also reminds me to remind my body that I’m no longer 21. And the stomach of steel is beginning to rust at the edges (evident from that mild food poisoning I got 2 days ago). In some ways, I feel happy over this entire unfortunate episode. All is well now and I’m looking forward to this trip to Penang and next week, Bali. Can’t wait to see those pretty fishes again.

This afternoon, I sat down with mum and brought out the box of old photo albums. From infancy to… teenhood. I sure look like I was a troublemaker when I was younger… not that I don’t now:P As I was flipping through those images, I realized that my dad, who took most of the pictures is actually good with his composition. Rule of thirds baby! *lol*. Maybe that’s where I inherited a little. As for my mum, I knew where my major influence came from when I saw pictures of us with our heads cut off. Well, she admitted she’s not used to the viewfinder… and yes, it became a style.  I enjoyed that short 15mins looking at those images. The best part; my mum could remember when and where every single picture was taken. The true photo was taken in her head.

Someday, I’m going to compile those photos and put them in my digital library. If I ever said I didn’t have a childhood, I was very wrong. Thanks dad and mum:)

Oh yeah… ole to good health!:D

doty doty

I took this shot in a wedding. As I was looking at the image… I realized I’m looking at alot of white dots:D How many did you see?

Client vendor relationships

Sorry for the lack of post or late email replies. Been down with fever for the past four days and stuck in bed. Ok, I’m still H1N1 free!

The first time I saw it, I thought it was really funny. Stumbled on it again and decide, maybe maybe, I should share this. Maybe I should try this at ION’s LV shop. And no, don’t try this when you meet me. The dogs are trained to attack on signs of bargaining:P *lol*

kickass video

I love this clip so much I’m sharing it here. Happy Weekend!:D


Just last year, a friend commented that my website might have a little too many pictures of “hands”. He said, unless that’s your style. Subconsciously, I think that’s what I like and what I tend to observe. Everytime I ask a couple to hold each other or hands (during Pre-Weddings), the result is always unique. It seem to tell me something about them and their relationship. Hands are expressive and I once said, hands don’t tell lies.

I still remember during the “Timeless” exhibition (wow, looking at the images… brought back so much memories) in 2006, 2 out of my 5 images were hands. Here are some pictures of hands that I really like.

As I’m writing this entry, I looked at my hands. And a random thought came up. Fingers. Out of the 5 fingers, 4 of them have certain meaning when you show it. the only one that doesn’t have any meaning is for the wedding ring. How strange.

Kevin and Evelyn

In this part of the world where weather reports are as accurate as my lottery guesses,  sometimes, we have to make do with whatever we have. No blue skies, overcast? It’s ok, there are still ways to do it:)

Too many chefs spoil the broth

One of the rare occasions that I attended a wedding with my camera. I sat near the aisle where I can get a clear view of the bride when she walks down the aisle. Everything went well and I made it a point not to walk away from my seat (since I’m an invited guest, not a photographer). Things start to fall “out of place” during the exchange of vows.

6 similar angles, 6 different cameras, 600 blocked views.

Honestly, I have no idea why this is happening. Why can’t people let ONE person do the job? I hope people learn from this. More doesn’t mean better and I’m sure this is not what the couple want.

hongkong 2009

Hongkong, as I see it. A small collection of the images I took during the trip.

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