A trip down sardine park

Do sardines make noises?

No, not what I heard of. That was my reply after 2 dives with them… Until today. Well, one sardine doesn’t make any noise, but when a school of them move in ultra speed in perfect synchrony, the sound is as mesmerizing as a turbo charged engine whirring. And the driver? A school of Jack fish. It went on and on during our 70 minutes under water.

Last week, during a impromptu drinking session, Nick asked if I want to join him for a short diving trip to get away from work. I quickly agreed, but pointed out that I wanted to check out the ‘poor man’s sardine run’. The actual sardine run in Africa is a dream for most divers, but the cost and travel can be quite a pain. Less than 4 hours from Singapore, we have Moalboal in Cebu, Philippines. It’s not exactly a sardine run like the ones in Africa, but it’s as close as you get to one around the region. There were no whales, no dolphins, no sharks nor seals. But if like me, sardines is all you care for now, this is perfect.

Millions of them, stretching approximately 100-200m and 50m wide stays permanently along the shores of Moalboal. They are literally 10m away from the shore. You don’t even need to dive to see them. The performance began the moment we dropped into the water. Millions of them moving in unison, somewhat orchestrated by our presence and bubbles we produce. Slow at times, but at some point, you feel tension, literally by watching them. Moving quickly in synchrony, as if something happened. Then we realized, predators were round the corner. Within seconds, a school of 30-40 Jacks came close. They were swimming right at us and started their attack on the sardines. The Symphony of sardines seem to kick into high gear and they moved in speeds so fast that we could hear the swishing sounds. They came in again and again. But unlike those scenes you see on National Geographic, they were not as efficient hunters as dolphins or sharks. It was still an electrifying performance.

Well, the bad part was, my mini dome port flooded again. So I had to leave my camera on the boat. Surprisingly, I didn’t even miss shooting it. It was just great to witness it. Now, let’s hope they will put up a good show again tomorrow.

Alright, off for my next dive now. Another adventure awaits.

It’s ok to be a little messy


trying to get used to posting again…

Amine and Naajia

When I was a 95er (9-5 working people), I used to keep track of days (although I totally hated it), like weekdays, weekends, public holidays, etc. Now I made things simpler, just 2 kinds, funday and holiday. When I got the job on Christmas day, I thought, ok, nice:) My friends went, “you are working on Christmas?!”. I’m like… erm, why not? It turned out to be an extremely memorable one.

It’s a very unique wedding, and a first for me and the couple (I’ll explain that in awhile). My first Malay wedding.  After the formalities in the beautiful Sultan mosque, they requested for a short portraiture session. So I thought, why not just do it in the mosque. Found a spot and we started shooting. Then I noticed their parents and some relatives are watching us. So I went up to them and asked if they are comfortable with people around, they said ok. “How about a kiss then?” “Oh wait… do you think it’s allowed here?” “don’t know, but I think it’s ok.” “Alright, let’s do it then.”

Honestly, it’s the slowest kiss I’ve ever seen. The feeling was totally different, I don’t know why. But I was sweating like mad. Amine’s dad was shouting behind “more! more! more!” It was really funny. I went up to the couple and said “nice, I like it”. Then Amine said, “it’s our first kiss”. “You mean the first in the mosque or the first after you got married?” “No, no… really the first EVER.”

My head suddenly felt light, alot of things going through my mind like it’s almost going to burst. When I finally got a grip of myself, I checked the images… good thing I got it… and more than one:D

It was a beautiful experience. Something that I will remember for a long long time. How does it feel to be kissed the first time? I can’t remember. But I’m sure they will.

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#1 in 2009

I meant #1 post.

I haven’t been writing since the passing of 2008, which brought back some really good memories. But that’s not the reason why I didn’t post anything. I just felt, resolution-less. I am like, “fly by feeling”. It just feels good, that’s it!:D

Anyway, here’s an update on what’s in, what’s out.

  1. We’re moving! Yes, we are (me and the 3 dogs). Not too far, just 3 minutes walk away. Estimated, a few feet nearer to the foreign dormitary. But trust me, you guys won’t get lost again (I’ll explain when we meet).
  2. The feldberyl website is going to be revamped! Works are underway, but due to the current workload and moving, it’s gonna wait a little while. Preferably, before the Lunar New Year. If you have comments on how you think the current website can be improved, do let me know. Your feedback is very much appreciated:)
  3. I will have 2 Canon 5D up for sale soon (no I’m not quitting, I’m just upgrading). If you are interested, do let me know.
  4. I wish everyone a Happy New Year!:D Stay happy, stay healthy and make the best out of 2009.

That’s all folks. Thank you for 2008 and look forward to seeing you in 2009.


a portrait of a little dream

I was running through Elvin and Renee’s wedding photo and found this picture of Hsin Yeow of the band, a little dream who performed at the wedding. I like this one:D




Love this retro stuff!!:) I don’t know what happened over the past 15 years, but chinese used to be coooooooooool!:D I’m want a moustache!! 




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